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Use this page to download the latest version of MobileTogether, which is 4.0.
Altova MobileTogether Designer
MobileTogether Designer is a free-to-use mobile development environment for creating sophisticated mobile apps using a powerful visual and functional programming paradigm that requires no mobile development experience. Simply connect to back-end data, and then drag and drop to design your UI, define event handling, build dynamic charts and graphs, define enterprise forms, and more - the sky is the limit.
Operating System
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Download MobileTogether Mobile App
Altova MobileTogether Server
MobileTogether Server hosts solutions that are created in the MobileTogether Designer, providing connectivity to data sources and high-performance data processing. The server also allows management of user and roles definition, user access control, and granular security functions, as well as viewing server and mobile solution log files. Download a free, 30-day trial of MobileTogether Server now.
Operating System
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Altova LicenseServer
provides license management for MobileTogether Server. Note: the LicenseServer is included in the MobileTogether Server installation package for Windows; you only have to download it separately for Linux and MacOS X.
Operating System
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Get Started with MobileTogether

  1. Build a mobile app in MobileTogether Designer, which includes extensive simulation and testing tools.
  2. Deploy the app to your MobileTogether Server (on premises or in the cloud).
  3. Choose Instant Deployment or AppStore Deployment.

Deployment Options

Instant deployment:

perfect for in-house or enterprise apps. End-users access your apps instantly, via the free MobileTogether client app.

App store deployment:

perfect for customer-facing apps. Compile code generated by MobileTogether Designer to submit native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows to the app stores.
Free Trial Evaluation Information
To evaluate MobileTogether Server, please install the free Altova LicenseServer along with MobileTogether Server. The LicenseServer will allow you to request and manage free trial keycode(s). Upon request you will receive an email with your personalized evaluation keycode, which will unlock the software for 30 days.
The LicenseServer must be used, as the software will not function if it cannot communicate with the LicenseServer. The Altova LicenseServer is provided free-of-charge. All you need to do is install one instance of the Altova LicenseServer on your network and access it from any browser to request new evaluation license key codes, enter purchased licensed key codes, and assign them from one central web-based management console to any of the servers on your network.
Instructions for requesting a free server trial using Altova LicenseServer are available here.