RTF report design

RTF Design Features:

  • Graphical design for RTF pages
  • Drag-and-drop XSLT design to publish RTF documents
  • XML to RTF
  • Database to RTF
  • XBRL to RTF
  • Specialized formatting for paged and printed media
  • Support for CSS2.1 and CSS3
  • Re-use existing and external XSLT and CSS styles
  • Multi-channel output in Web and print formats

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Automatically Generate XSLT for RTF

Designing XSLT stylesheets to publish XML, relational database, and XBRL data in attractive RTF reports in StyleVision is an easy, visual process. Simply load your data source(s), and drag-and-drop nodes from the Schema Tree to the desired place in your design. StyleVision prompts you to make design decisions and guides you with intelligent entry helpers, advanced data processing functionality, and more.

Based on your design, StyleVision auto-generates an RTF (the file format of Microsoft® Word versions 2003 and earlier) document as well as an XSLT stylesheet to automate the transformation in custom applications. It also simultaneously produces output in other formats, including Microsoft Word version 2007 and higher (.docx), HTML, and PDF.

StyleVision XSLT for RTF output view

Next Steps

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