Create Fillable PDF Forms with StyleVision

Fillable PDF form design features:

  • Capture user data into XML or FDF
  • Option to start from existing paper form or Word doc
  • Drag and Drop form design
  • Create rich end user experience
  • Support for multiple navigation and control buttons
  • Entry helpers guide developers
  • Integration with StyleVision Server for extracting and processing entered data

Create Fillable PDF Forms

Fillable forms

The advanced report design features of StyleVision can be used to build attractive, functional PDF forms for capturing end user data into XML or Adobe FDF (Forms Data Format). It’s easy to get started by basing your fillable form on an existing paper form using the blueprint feature, on an existing Word document, or by starting from scratch using absolute positioning for designing an attractive form.

Designers have access to all of StyleVision's advanced functionality, entry helpers, and wizards for designing static and dynamic design components for use in forms.

For a rich user experience, fillable PDF forms designed in Altova StyleVision support entering text as well as controlling form navigation and behavior with multiple controls.

Read this indepth how-to on creating fillable PDF forms.

Supported data input controls:

  • Input field
  • Multi-line input field
  • Check boxes
  • Radio buttons

Action controls:

  • Navigation (Next page, Last page, etc.)
  • Reset
  • Print
  • Submit
Fillable Forms Output

Starting from a Word Document

To save time and give you a jumpstart on creating an attractive report or form design, StyleVision allows you to begin a project based on existing Word document. StyleVision preserves all the formatting and layout information defined in the Word doc, and it's easy to connect XML or database sources and continue refining the design as needed before generating HTML, PDF, and other outputs. You can even use a Word file as the basis for designing an Authentic enterprise form.

Similarly, you can paste static Word or Excel content into your design, or even begin a new design based on an existing Excel spreadsheet.

StyleVision Server

Once users fill in the PDF form, organizations can utilize the high-performance StyleVision Server to extract the entered data in XML or FDF format, where it can be saved or processed further- for instance, to generate multi-channel reports based on the user-entered data.