XML Reporting with StyleVision

XML Reporting Features:

  • Multichannel publishing
  • XPath expression builder and evaluator
  • Auto-generated XSLT
  • Automation via StyleVision Server

XML Reporting

XML Reporting

The StyleVision approach to publishing XML reports makes it easy to design eye-catching HTML, PDF, and Word documents that incorporate advanced features such as charts, dynamic data selection, conditional templates, and more. You simply load your XML data source(s) in StyleVision and then drag and drop to position and style nodes in the design pane. Intelligent menus and entry helpers assist you as you work. You can even combine multiple XML data sources or combine XML with relational data in meaningful ways to meet any business reporting need.

Altova StyleVision supports dynamic reporting, letting you create layout templates for consistent formatting while allowing actual report content to be determined at run-time based on your source data. This lets you retain your intricate report designs from one project to the next.

StyleVision also includes an integrated XPath Builder and Evaluator, which lets you select data dynamically using complex XPath expressions.

Multichannel XML Reports

Multichannel XML Reporting

Each design you create in the StyleVision XML publisher generates your XML report in multiple channels for print and the Web, including PDF, RTF, Word, and HTML. Standards-conformant XSLT stylesheets to transform XML to these output formats are also simultaneously generated, making it easy to automate transformations in custom XML information workflows. With one click you can save any or all of these stylesheets and their corresponding output.

Using StyleVision to create reusable reporting templates for your XML content helps you avoid the time consuming and error prone task of rekeying data when it changes, and simultaneous multi-channel output lets you publish XML reports in the various formats required for today's business communications - all with a single click.

High performance automation is available with StyleVision Server.