Using StyleVision to Convert XML to HTML

  • Graphical, drag-and-drop design
  • Easy table, chart, and graph creation
  • Auto-generated XSLT
  • Automation via StyleVision Server

Converting XML to HTML

Convert XML to HTML

Altova StyleVision is a unique multi-channel publishing tool with strong support for transforming XML to HTML and other formats. It's easy to create compelling reports for publishing XML in HTML using its intuitive, drag-and-drop design tools.

You can create HTML, PDF, and Word reports from XML, SQL database, XBRL data, or even combine multiple data sources in one design.

StyleVision supports converting XML to HTML4, HTML5, or XHTML. Support for importing existing XSLT and CSS styles saves time, and an integrated JavaScript editor lets you add advanced functionality to your pages. To automate recurrent transformations, each design you create in StyleVision automatically generates a standards-conformant XSLT stylesheet in addition to the HTML, PDF, and Word reports.

Automatically Generate XSLT from HTML

Generate XSLT with StyleVision

StyleVision is a visual design tool for creating compelling reports and forms based on XML, SQL database, and XBRL inputs.

StyleVision supports advanced functionality for building HTML4, HTML5, and XHTML documents, including CSS (including CSS3) styles and JavaScript functions. You can add precise visual styling rules to your designs using built-in CSS styles, and you can import your own CSS documents to leverage work you’ve already completed. StyleVision includes a JavaScript editor for defining JavaScript functions, and each JavaScript function that you define is listed under Scripts in the Design Tree window. You can assign functions to design components via the Event tab in the Properties window to add event-based interactivity to your Web page.

In addition to transforming XML to HTML, StyleVision automatically generates standards-conformant XSLT stylesheets for developers who want to perform recurrent HTML transformations in other tools and custom solutions.

High performance automation is available with SyleVision Server.