Visual Report and Form Designer

StyleVision visual report and form designer

Visual Report Design Features:

  • Drag-and-drop design for sophisticated output
  • Free flow or form based (absolute positioning)
  • Starting designs based on existing Word documents
  • Intelligent design entry helpers and wizards
  • Built-in styles and style repository
  • Multiple page layouts in one design
  • Conditional templates
  • Charts and graphs, barcodes, and other advanced visuals
  • Tables of contents generation
  • CSS and JavaScript support
  • Advanced processing functions

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Award-winning Visual Report and Form Design Tools

StyleVision empowers you to visually create compelling reports and enterprise forms that work with input types including XML, SQL databases, and XBRL. Using a consistent, drag-and-drop design approach, you can produce visually rich, engaging reports and forms that can be published to multiple output formats, including HTML, PDF, RTF, Word, and Authentic forms.

StyleVision makes it easy to create a single, visual design for multiple output channels, all using tools that are familiar to anyone with experience using popular productivity applications. Simply specify input sources, use drag-and-drop design for report/form layout, utilize standards-based (CSS) styling, and leverage dialog-driven tools for specifying any conditional expressions or business logic. As you work, you can switch between output type views with a single click to see how your design will appear in multiple output formats.

Behind the visual design surface, StyleVision generates designs using XML Schema, XPath, XSLT, and other standards-based technologies. These design elements may be saved in separate files and used in other tools and solutions, making StyleVision an exceptionally powerful XSLT stylesheet designer. Report and form designers working with StyleVision, however, can stay focused on the business activities they’re supporting rather than low-level technology details, greatly increasing productivity and minimizing low-level coding activities.

XML, SQL Database, and XBRL Inputs

Enterprise reports and forms often rely on a mix of data managed in XML, SQL, and XBRL systems. StyleVision makes the data inputs seamlessly available in a unified and standards-based data model, making it possible for designers to focus on delivering business solutions rather than directly addressing differences among the underlying storage technologies.

Multi-format Report Builder

With StyleVision, a single design can be used for multiple output formats. Designers start by selecting a free-flow or form-based document model and identifying input sources, and then use drag-and-drop design conventions to create visually compelling reports.

Dynamic Enterprise Forms

The same multi-format report designs created by StyleVision can also be used as dynamic enterprise forms in Authentic® 2017, which makes it possible for business users to directly and securely interact with (analyze and change) XML and SQL database resources.

Developer-Oriented Features

StyleVision's visual design model is an intutive and powerful way to develop reports, forms, and XSLT files. Behind the visual interface, StyleVision also includes a broad and deep set of tools and services for developers working with advanced business logic or seeking to integrate StyleVision designs with other services and systems.

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