Multi-channel Publisher

StyleVision multi-channel publishing tool

Multi-channel Publishing Features:

  • A single design for multiple output formats
  • HTML, PDF, Word, RTF, and electronic form output
  • XML, SQL database, and XBRL data sources
  • Dynamic business reports
  • Conditional templates
  • Charts, barcodes, blueprints, auto-calculations, and other advanced features
  • Free flow or fixed layout options
  • Start your design based on a Word document
  • High performance, server-based automation for publication workflow via StyleVision Server

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Multi-channel Publishing Tool

Multi-channel publishing is the practice of utilizing a single source to provide enterprise content that can be formatted for delivery to different channels, such as the Web, corporate intranets, and traditional print. This methodology can be easily integrated into existing publishing technologies and workflows to maintain overall production value without disrupting the flow of day-to-day business processes.

StyleVision is an easy-to-use, advanced multi-channel publishing tool for generating business documents for multiple channels. Each design you create in StyleVision automatically renders content in HTML, PDF, Word, and RTF, letting your organization enjoy all the benefits of single source, multi-channel publishing via an intuitive design process. The unique StyleVision XML publishing design paradigm extends multi-channel publishing to SQL databases and XBRL data sources, and you can even combine multiple sources in one design.

Visual Report Design

Using drag-and-drop functionality, intelligent entry helpers, and advanced styling options in StyleVision, you can easily create an attractive and functional template design for distribution to virtually any modern publishing medium.

When you connect to an XML, SQL database, or XBRL data source, the content model will appear in the Schema Tree entry helper, where you can select an element or attribute that you wish to see in your report and drag it onto the design pane. StyleVision prompts you to specify how you would like the new node to be handled (as a new paragraph, image, table, chart, etc.). This information will be rendered dynamically based on the data in your source(s). You can also insert static content such as header text, images, hyperlinks, and so on.

Advanced Multi-channel Publishing

Multi-channel publishing templates designed in StyleVision support advanced functionality such as auto-calculations, business logic validation, and conditional templates, which enable you to apply advanced dynamic functionality to your design. Conditional templates are based on XPath expressions and allow you to design forms with layout and presentation that changes based on source data in the XML file(s), database, or XBRL instance.

Advanced publishing protocols such as output-based conditions enable you to display multi-channel content differently depending on its delivery format. Conditions for specific output can be placed around individual parts or components of the document, thus providing considerable flexibility in the way the resulting documents are structured. For example, HTML output may require functionality like hyperlinks or special instructions that are not necessary for print output.

Saving multi-channel output

Interactive Publishing Workflow

Each design you create in StyleVision also generates an Authentic enterprise form for use with Altova Authentic, a low-cost XML and database content editor for non-technical users. Together, these two applications provide an easy-to-use and powerful content editing framework that lets developers create a robust data entry application that can publish output to multiple channels.

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"Altova StyleVision is essential to helping us deliver content in a wide variety of formats at our university’s training center. There’s so much you can do with StyleVision. It has everything I want and more."

Scott Calkins
Manager, Emerging Technologies, Binghamton University