HTML to XML Conversion:

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Convert HTML to XML-based Web site
  • Generate schema, XSLT, and XML instance from HTML
  • Separate content from presentation
  • Auto-generation of XSLT stylesheets for PDF, Word, and more
  • Instantly convert HTML to other Web and print formats
  • Create an ASPX application from legacy HTML

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Convert Legacy HTML to XML

StyleVision® 2017 provides drag and drop functionality for converting legacy HTML to XML.The StyleVision HTML converter allows Web designers to perform HTML to XML migration easily and efficiently using a visual drag-and-drop interface. It converts any traditional HTML Web site to an XML-enabled site by generating an XSLT stylesheet for presentation, an XML Schema for defining the content model, and the XML instance containing the page content itself.

Since StyleVision is also powerful, full-featured XSLT stylesheet and report design tool, its functionality doesn't end once HTML is converted to XML. StyleVision also generates XSLT stylesheets for publishing your original content in RTF, Word, and PDF. You can also refine your layout and style properties using advanced, drag and drop design functionality.

Converting HTML to XML

HTML & Web Development Solutions

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"StyleVision is well-engineered to let you display data the way you'd like it… If you're looking for a flexible way to deal with XML data, this is one good place to look."

Mike Gunderloy
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