Authentic Enterprise Form Design

Authentic Enterprise Form

Authentic Form Design Features:

  • Drag-and-drop design for powerful enterprise forms
  • Interactive forms for XML and database content editing
  • Form based (absolute positioning) layout option
  • Blueprint support for designs based on paper forms
  • Import existing Word document to start form
  • Unique Portable XML Form (PXF) support
  • Enterprise XML form workflow
  • Real-time input validation
  • Complex table handling
  • Desktop and browser deployment options
  • Advanced Authentic design features for developers

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Flexible Deployment Options

For solutions requiring interactive electronic forms based on XML documents and/or SQL databases (including XML documents stored in leading relational database management systems), StyleVision’s visual design capabilities can be used to create dynamic and interactive enterprise forms for Authentic.

Form designers work with the same visually-oriented, drag-and-drop approach used when creating StyleVision reports, so Authentic forms can be considered one of the many StyleVision output format types, but form designs also offer many additional features optimized for interactive and dynamic enterprise forms.

Authentic forms are interactive, supporting insert, update, and delete operations on XML documents and SQL databases, along with related form navigational controls. StyleVision designers can use a range of input validation options and other features to ensure that data and application integrity constraints are consistently enforced for Authentic form users.

Authentic forms can also be dynamic, with their presentation and structure conditionally changing based on data values and user actions and preferences, making Authentic suitable for a wide-range of enterprise form scenarios. StyleVision designers can also empower Authentic form users to publish their form content to multiple channels (HTML, PDF, RTF, and Word/Open XML).

Why Choose Authentic Forms?

Authentic electronic forms are the ideal choice for developers looking for an easily integrated SQL database and XML content editing solution and for business users seeking powerful editing capabilities with an easy to use, WYSIWYG interface.

  • Sophisticated content editing capabilities – put power in the hands of business users
  • Browser-plugin and desktop deployment options for flexible implementation
  • Convert-to-MobileTogether design option for browser deloyment without a plug-in
  • Multi format publishing – end users can generate multi-channel output with the click of a button
Authentic database form

Truly Portable XML Forms

Designers may save Authentic enterprise forms designed in StyleVision in the Portable XML Form™ (PXF™) file format, a revolutionary new way to make editable XML forms truly portable. The benefit of the PXF file format is that all the components required for Authentic editing can be conveniently distributed in a single file. The PXF embeds the XML Schema(s), XML instance(s), SPS design file(s), etc., and can even include the XSLT files generated by StyleVision that allow Authentic business users to publish content in HTML, Word, RTF, and/or PDF.

After a PXF file has been created, it can be transported, downloaded, copied, and saved like any other data file. Since the PXF file embeds all the components required to edit an XML file in Authentic and to generate output reports, it is the only file an Authentic user needs to get started.

PXF takes the headache out of getting critical business data into XML - without sacrificing any of the benefits that XML brings to data integration and extensibility.

Authentic Enterprise Forms:

For more information about Authentic® 2017, including its extensive developer-oriented features, see the Authentic page.

Note: StyleVision also supports creation of fillable PDF formsfor capturing data into XML and FDF.

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