Altova Support - Frequently Asked Sales Questions

Pricing Answers
Where can I find a list of the current prices and upgrade prices?

Complete pricing information is available in the Altova Online Shop. For product pricing beyond a quantity of (50) licenses in a single order, please contact sales.

We’ve been using your products for quite some time now and have acquired several licenses. Does Altova offer a Site License option to help me manage all these licenses?

If your company currently has more than (250) Altova product licenses in use or you intend to purchase (250) or more licenses in the near future, please contact sales to find out more about our site licensing options.

Upgrade Answers
What's new in your latest product release?

In recent releases we've added wide variety of exciting new features and new products to our existing product line. Visit our "What's New" page for complete details.

I noticed on your site that you are now offering MissionKit product bundles. Can I upgrade my existing product to a bundle?

Absolutely! Altova MissionKit is a software development suite of industrial-strength XML, SQL, and UML tools featuring XMLSpy and other award-winning products for information architects and application developers. Several upgrade options are available for upgrading your existing Altova product(s) to one of the MissionKit offerings. Please visit the Altova Online Shop to find out more about your upgrade options.

My company is growing and so is our usage of your products. Can I upgrade my existing installed user licenses to your concurrent user model to make managing licenses easier?

Yes. You may upgrade your existing installed user licenses to our concurrent user licensing model. Please contact Altova at sales for pricing information.

Support & Maintenance Answers
Is Support and Maintenance available?

Yes. A Support and Maintenance Pack (SMP) may be purchased at the time you purchase the software.

What are the Support and Maintenance options?

Support and Maintenance (SMP) for Altova products can be purchased at the time you purchase the software. Support and Maintenance may be purchased one of two ways:

* One (1) year of Support and Maintenance for 25% of your purchase price

* Two (2) years of Support and Maintenance for 40% of your purchase price, i.e., 20% per year

Altova Support and Maintenance now includes MAJOR RELEASE upgrades in addition to MINOR RELEASE upgrades as part of the standard Support and Maintenance Package. Your Support and Maintenance period will extend for (1) or (2) years, depending upon your purchase, from the date of purchase. For more details, please visit our Support and Maintenance information page.

Where can I find your "end-of-life" information?

Please refer to our End of Life page for questions concerning Altova's "end-of-life" policy.

If I order, for example, a 10-user license, can I order just a single user Support and Maintenance Package for one license and not the rest?

No. The number of users and the number of Support and Maintenance Packages must be the same.

If I purchase one of your products without Support and Maintenance, can I come back and purchase Support and Maintenance later?

No. Support and Maintenance must be purchased at the time you purchase the software. If you elect not to purchase Support and Maintenance, you will not be eligible to receive minor or major release updates, priority technical support, or additional maintenance releases.

How long does the Support and Maintenance Package last for?

The duration of the version SMP is 12 months or 24 months, depending upon which option you choose, from your date of purchase. For more details, please visit our Support and Maintenance information page.

Can I post questions through the online support form without an SMP?

You are entitled to use the online support form under the following circumstances:

a) You would like to report a bug in one of our products.
b) You would like to submit a feature request for one of our products.
c) You have lost your keycode.
c) You are within the 30 day evaluation period and have a valid evaluation keycode.
d) You have purchased one of our products without an SMP, in this case you can only use the online support form for the first 30 days after the product has been purchased.
e) You have purchased an SMP: This will give you access to priority support using the online support form i.e. an initial response within one to two working days. In addition you will also have access to minor and major release upgrades for the duration of the SMP. An SMP can be purchased for a period of one or two years.

If you do not wish to purchase an SMP at this time, please take a look at the following free support options:

Altova Online Forum
Free Altova Online Training
Altova Online Documentation

Product Documentation that is included with your Altova product

For more information regarding the Altova SMP package, please have a look here.

General Answers
Are previous versions of the products still available for purchase?

Previous versions of Altova products are not available for purchase once the newest major release of our products becomes publicly available. Please upgrade to our most recent product version, which includes more comprehensive features and functionality than ever before. If you need to access previous software releases (for example, to reinstall a previously purchased product after a hardware failure), please proceed to our Software Archive.

My IT department requires me to use a previous version of your software, e.g., version 2012. Can I still purchase a new license for a previous version of your software today?

Altova is focused on providing you with the latest and most advanced standards-compliant developer tools in all of our products. As such, we only sell new licenses for the most current version of our software. However, if you are a customer with an active and current Support and Maintenance Package (“SMP”), we do not only include all minor and major releases during your support period, but we also enable you to use that license key-code with an older version of the software, which you can download from the Software Archive. Therefore, if your internal processes require you to use an older version of our tools, please make sure that you purchase your new license with SMP.

Is there a CD available?

No. Our software is only available via Electronic Software Delivery (ESD). There's no actual shipment of a physical product, and therefore no CD available. Once you have purchased one of our products, a license key code will be emailed to the address you specified at the time of your order.

Is there a printed manual available?

Yes. While all of our products include full documentation as an integrated Online Help file, you may also purchase hard copy editions of our documentation. Please visit our Documentation Download page to either download free PDF versions of our documentation or to purchase printed documentation.