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Creating Elegant User Interfaces for Cross-Platform Mobile Apps.

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere, and superior mobile apps have created a population of demanding users with high standards for performance. Learn how to leverage the features of MobileTogether to create elegant and intuitive user interfaces – across all mobile operating systems, screen sizes, and devices in this how-to guide.

Data Challenges and the MapForce Platform for Data Integration.

The data engulfing enterprises today comes from many seemingly unrelated sources. The ability to collect, refine, and assimilate all this information, and to be flexible enough to accept new data formats and resources, is critical to success in the 24/7 connected world. Learn more by reading the data integration whitepaper.

XBRL: An Overview for Technical Users

This XBRL whitepaper gives developers and other technical users an overview of financial statements and how XBRL can be used not only to add transparency and interactivity to business reporting, but also to streamline enterprise accounting and reporting efficiency.

Data Modeling Using the XML Schema Development Language

XML Schema Definition (XSD) language has emerged as a leading technology for end-to-end system design across the enterprise. The XML Schema whitepaper examines the benefits of using XSD to define a formal data model. Then, it discusses how components from that Altova MissionKit® can be used to seamlessly create and maintain such a model.

Case Studies

Check out some recent customer case studies or read our customer reviews.


transforms internal financial data to XBRL in-house using multiple MissionKit tools.

NYC & Company

uses components from the MissionKit to institute a major company rebranding, and to create a one-of-a-kind high tech interactive travel and tourism information center.


creates an XML publishing solution with native XML capabilities for a division of Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA).


transforms internal financial data to XBRL in-house using multiple MissionKit tools.


builds MusicXML-based "universal translator" plugins for leading musical notation and composition programs.


builds advanced functionality into their e-commerce software with Altova MissionKit tools

National Frozen Foods Corporation

brings EDI implementation in-house with MapForce.


integrates MapForce's mapping capabilities into LANSA Composer.
Real-World Features on the Blog

For more information about real-world implementations using Altova products, check out the Altova Blog, where you’ll find timely articles that include how-to information for building today’s leading applications using XML, JSON, database, mobile, XBRL, XSLT, and other technologies.