Customers Say

“Excellent design [MobileTogether] which allows for rapid reliable development. ”

Paul Bordage, Android developer

“It's not often one encounters a solid software company in the EDI space but Altova with [their] support has truly impressed us. ”

John Russell, Enter, Inc.

“We have been using Altova XMLSpy for more than 4 years for our XSLT/XQuery/schema development... XMLSpy, as an editor, is a great tool for non-technical users as well, as it helps to view/edit/organize the XML. As a XSLT developer, I use XMLSpy for my XSLT development and for ALL the debugging of my code. In a nutshell, XMLSpy is the best. ”

Manoj Pillai, Shared Services Group, Inc.

“We used XMLSpy during the development of ‘Profiles’ software at Harvard Medical School. Using XMLSpy, we were able to perform development tasks with ease. I have used many XML development tools, but I highly recommend XMLSpy over all other tools available.”

James Norman, Harvard Medical School

“We have been using Altova MapForce for over 6 months now for our two largest customers. It’s been working great! We receive a large number of purchase order lines weekly from both customers, and have had no processing delays. The purchase orders come in via an AS2 connections, and then MapForce converts them so our ERP software can import them. We are impressed with the speed and reliability delivered daily by Altova MapForce to meet our key customer’s demands. We Highly recommend MapForce!”

Peter Boers, Encore Industries

“Dear Tech Support, You folks rock. Your solution was perfect; it is just what I needed. Thanks for the help. Love your products."=" ”

Kerry Culligan, US Navy

“Altova lets me define an XML model and then lets my non technical team create XML all without ever having to look at the code. StyleVision and Authentic are in use in our office every day.”

Tim Bolger, Learning Innovation, Construction Sector Council

“Altova MapForce provides excellent mapping capabilities that we can seamlessly embed within our core products. The extensible nature of the product means it covers all of our solution requirements. ”

Scott Redford, VisionWare

“Using XML to create an Instructional Design is core to our delivering quality education. With XML Authentic we can keep all our authors working with the same pedagogical model and ensure quality across our library of content. ”

Josh Goldman, ACUHO-I Association of College and University Housing Officers - International

“Thanks again for the quick reply. You guys have the fastest response time and in my opinion among the best customer/technical support I have dealt with. ”

Sacha Korell, Cobham, plc.

“I have learned that there is no substitute for quality tools. And truly, your MissionKit suite is a quality tool, easily the single best resource for enterprise development that I have ever encountered, and in itself a prime example of how software should be written. My sincere compliments on an excellent product.”

Thomas D Blersch, Exeter Government Services LLC.

“Altova has, far and away, the best stuff for anything XML related.”

Steven Borg, Northwest Cadence

“We have been test driving MapForce for 3 days and are absolutely impressed with the intuitive design and ease of use. Thanks for making our job easier.”

Michael Elson, RS Corporation

“I think I love Altova. You have just saved me months of work this year. Everything works as well as could possibly be wished for. Thank you so much. In awe. ”

Damien Harvey,  Locus Software Ltd

“MapForce has proven to be an easy-to-use, effective tool for making the data integration and mapping process much easier and faster to implement. ”

Dan Ochs, Wrycan

“I think I love Altova. You have just saved me months of work this year. Everything works as well as could possibly be wished for. Thank you so much. In awe. ”

Damien Harvey,  Locus Software Ltd

“Thanks a million! This did the trick. Everything is working fine and I am nearing the completion of my app. I have been working on it for over a year and have tried several different solutions which could not do what you just did. Built it with Mobile Designer in about five days with your help. Can’t say thank you enough.”

MobileTogether Customer, MobileTogether Support Forum

“Very effective tool, congratulations! ”

MobileTogether Customer, MobileTogether Support Forum

“I am new to MT and developed my first App very fast. This product is fantastic!”

MobileTogether Customer, MobileTogether Support Forum