University of Regensburg Case Study

Healthcare professionals at University of Regensburg create XML medical case files using Altova Authentic.

The MedicMED project goal is to create and establish new ways of teaching medicine using XML and multimedia technologies to simulate treatment of patients in various medical cases. Current multimedia medical education offerings do not allow an adequate mapping of such medical cases, and all available software focusing on case-based learning in medicine today only supports proprietary data. To overcome this limitation, MedicMED developed a generic XML structure for medical cases (MedicCaseML), a widely accepted XML standard exchange format for medical cases, i.e. information about a patient, her disease and all associated data, thus allowing for efficient exchange of vital information. MedicCaseML allows separation of the presentation and content of medical data in an open, reusable format, accessible by any software application, thereby enhancing the medical authoring process in case-based learning and the usability of standard e-learning software in medicine.

"The creation of the XML files is currently a very time-consuming process, even for XML experts, so we required the use of an authoring tool that would enable medical experts to create and edit these medical case files, without any prior knowledge about XML," said Stefan Soellner, Manager of the MedicMED Project. "After having evaluated all commercial XML authoring technologies on the market, the Authentic XML document editor was determined to best suit all of our technical requirements, and healthcare professionals will now be able to access and edit medical case files through either a Web-based or desktop application."