MobileTogether Server

Mobile Together Server

MobileTogether Server Features:

  • Install on premises or in the cloud
  • Provides connectivity to back end data sources
  • Delivers high-performance data processing
  • Sophisticated cache control options
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Altova automation servers
  • Choose from among 12 different user-role privileges
  • Set standards for containers, design fields, and security
  • Adjustable severity settings in Log View

MobileTogether Server Architecture

MobileTogether Server is the back-end hub for your mobile app and acts as a gateway between mobile users and your back-end data sources and infrastructure. In typical enterprise solutions it also provides user authentication; user, role, and device management; solution distribution; and all of the connectivity to your in-house data sources, including sophisticated cache control options. Internal clients, e.g., in enterprise deployments, can connect to your MobileTogether Server directly, whereas external mobile clients typically connect via an SSL tunnel through your firewall.

For AppStore app deployment scenarios, or if your enterprise IT has already made the migration to the cloud, you can choose deploy MobileTogether Server into a private cloud infrastructure or host it in a public cloud environment, such as AWS or Azure.




Security Features

When an administrator first connects to the MobileTogether Server, security features will be initiated so that your data will be protected. For example, administrators decide whether new devices need to be confirmed and approved and whether a user name and password need to be entered in order to view or create mobile solutions. See more about Roles definition below.

MobileTogether Server Users

Server Settings

You can customize installation of the MobileTogether Server based on your organization's needs and preferences. The server administrator determines the host settings, the administrator and client ports, SSL certificates, and more.

MobileTogether Server Users

Server Monitoring

Once the MobileTogether Server is set into motion, it requires very little supervision or monitoring.

Global Resources

Global Resources in MobileTogether allow you to easily specify different database server names, file locations, or other configuration-specific parameters in a way that lets you easily switch from a development to a production system – and you can do that independently for each mobile solution.

Once you deploy a new mobile app to the MobileTogether Server, you can upload this configuration with your solution to control the access of your app to specific servers even after it has been deployed. Administrators can configure the app's resource configuration on the fly, so it can switch from testing to production environment with one click.

Log View

This portal allows the administrator to view any action that has transpired on the server since its installation. It's easy to configure log time frames and severity settings to zero-in on events that are most critical to the server.

Cross-platform Support

MobileTogether Server is available for:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac





MobileTogether Server increases the speed and performance of mobile devices running your app by doing all of the heavy lifting for handling complex queries and calculations. The results are then displayed on the mobile app much faster.

This allows the end user's device to devote resources to other processes, consequently decreasing load time and saving memory space.

More than Simple Caching

Caching behavior for all data sources is highly customizable based on the needs of your app. As pioneered in Altova MapForce and FlowForce Servers, MobileTogether contains more than just the usual caching parameters such as expiry and refresh time.

You can manually determine the amount of time that passes before caching again and how many unique combinations of multiple query parameters that should automatically be cached. A client requesting the data will now immediately get it from the cache, whereas the server will retrieve it only if the cache time has elapsed. These options boost performance considerably.

MobileTogether XPath Dialog

Embed-XML-in-Design-File Option

You have the ability to embed any XML data directly into the design file in MobileTogether Designer. This option is perfect for smaller data sets that are needed on the client side, such as a list of choices for a combo-box or other static data.

This data is then transmitted to the client as a part of the overall design file and is always instantly available on the client side every time you run the app. So no additional data transfers between client and server are needed.

XQuery 3.x Capabilities on the Server

By utilizing XQuery expressions, you can significantly reduce the amount of data being transferred between the server and client. Database views, queries, or calls to external data sources will yield raw data for a mobile application. This often contains redundancies or may not be the ideal structure for the intended data display in the mobile app. XQuery’s powerful FLWOR expressions allow you to easily restructure and regroup the data for the most efficient transfer from server to client and optimal presentation in the client application.

Persistent Data Storage on Client Devices

For user-entered data and data that doesn’t change too frequently, you can choose to store data persistently on each client device. This reduces the amount of data being transferred between the server and client. It also provides a performance boost by reducing the round-trip time between server and client—even between different sessions of the same user that may be being hours apart.

Powerful “Keep Data on Server” Setting

To reduce the amount of data transmitted over the mobile data network—which improves the performance of any app—MobileTogether lets you select exactly which data you want to transmit to the client devices and which data to keep on the server. For example, if a certain data set is only necessary to display a graph, then that data can be kept on the server. The graph image will be rendered by the server and transmitted to the client without the underlying data being transferred over the mobile network.




User Roles and Licenses

When required, server administrators can create users and choose from among 12 default privileges ranging from allowing users to run server simulations to reading/writing global resources and viewing unfiltered logs. There privileges can also be assigned when user roles are created.

For per-device licenses, MobileTogether Server lets you view the interactions of user licenses, displaying the devices that are being run and showing whether the devices have been active and for how long. The user license portal also lists how many licenses have been used / are currently available.

Mobile Together Server Roles and Licenses

Role-Based Permissions

You have full control over access to any particular solution, part of a solution, or to an entire directory of solutions based on user and role permissions defined on MobileTogether Server.

In the image to the right, you'll notice that the two screenshots of this mobile solution look remarkably similar. The one difference is that the mobile solution screenshot on the right has two columns, "Quantity" and "Price" that are not visible in the mobile solution screenshot on the left. Specified by the XPath expression, only device users who have the role of “Sales” could view those two columns. For other roles, those columns are hidden.

MobileTogether Server Roles

Permission Editor

It's easy to create and edit permissions on MobileTogether Server. Whether you want to limit the end user’s ability to view design files and containers or create view-specific mobile solutions, the server allows you to give end-users the appropriate permissions readily.

MobileTogether Server Users

Manage Mobile Apps

Once a mobile app solution is created in the MobileTogether Designer and uploaded to the MobileTogether Server, all projects are housed in one central location for easy management of security and other considerations.



Affordable Pricing

Unlimited Apps, Unlimited Devices


The MobileTogether Designer development environment is a free download for an unlimited number of developers in your organization. The MobileTogether Mobile Apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 and 10 are also free in their respective app stores.

MobileTogether Server is available for a free, 30-day trial. When you are ready to purchase, it is sold as an an annual license and purchased per server core (starting at $1000/year for 1 core). That's right: $1000 annually for an unlimited number of apps, and an unlimited number of users.

While there's no limit to the number of users or number of apps that you can run on the mobile app server, you of course, may need to scale the server machine depending on actual load to provide optimal performance for larger numbers of users. But the starting price is perfect for most initial deployments.

We've coupled this highly-affordable pricing with robust app development functionality to make MobileTogether the most accessible - and most sophisticated - framework for developing and deploying data-centric apps for all platforms.