Real World Apps

In addition to the demo apps that ship with MobileTogether Designer, you can download and explore some sample AppStore Apps we built in MobileTogether on your device. For each of these, the developer compiled native versions for each operating system from a single layout and codebase created in MobileTogether Designer for submission to the respective app stores.

Group & Gather App

Organize events, groups, and gatherings

MyCollections App

Catalog, search, and share your personal collections

Company Financials App

Explore and analyze US public company high-level financial reports

Us Export Screening List App

Search for denied persons or entities on the Consolidated Screening List (CSL)

Video Demos

Get started quickly by watching a few MobileTogether demo videos.

YouTube Videoplay

Length: 08:39 (mm:ss)

Intro and Building Your First App

This tutorial covers the MobileTogether Designer user interface and steps needed to create your first app. Whether you need to build an enterprise app or native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows, this video will get you started.
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Length: 08:15 (mm:ss)

Building a Database-Driven App

This demo shows how to build a data-driven app in MobileTogether. You'll learn how to connect to and query any database, retrieve records, and then format the data using tables. You can practice building the app yourself using a sample database that ships with MobileTogether Designer, but remember that MobileTogether supports all major relational databases.
YouTube Videoplay

Length: 08:41 (mm:ss)

Building a Standalone App

This demo shows you how to create a mobile app that can run on a mobile device without a need to connect to the server when an Internet connection is not available. See how easy it is to create persistent data elements, drag and drop to quickly create and format a table, and add a combo box and populate it with values. We'll create an action tree to perform some calculations based on the end user's data and update the relevant data nodes, and then create an action group to easily re-use these actions in multiple places in the design. By the end of the demo we have developed a complete mobile app that's ready to deploy.
YouTube Videoplay

Length: 09:35 (mm:ss)

Extending the Standalone App

In this demo, we extend the tip calculator sample we created in the previous video by adding the ability to save the data from each restaurant visit and show a table of all previous visits, plus the total sum over all visits. You'll see how to easily extend the data model for the app directly in MobileTogether to accomodate storing the historical information, add a control action to save data from each new restaurant visit, and even troubleshoot quickly using the built-in validation messages in MobileTogether. Finally, we'll drag and drop to create a table that displays all of the data for each visit and calculates the total expenses in real time.
YouTube Videoplay

Length: 11:47 (mm:ss)

Connecting Your Database to your Mobile App

In this demo we are converting the previously built stand-alone tip calculator to save the data from each restaurant visit in a database table stored on SQL Server. You will learn how to modify your app from storing data on the client to saving data in a database, converting elements into attributes via XQuery statements, and how to connect your mobile app to a database server backend. Many of the techniques learned in this video are also applicable to building a database-based app from scratch.
YouTube Videoplay

Length: 04:35 (mm:ss)

Creating a Chart Using Database Data

In this short video we are demonstrating how to build a mobile app that creates charts from data stored in a SQL Server database table. You will see the different graph and chart options, how easy it is to connect a chart to your data set, and then select data series to plot in the chart. The techniques learned in this video are also applicable to XML-based data.
YouTube Videoplay

Length: 14:08 (mm:ss)

Extracting Useful Data from HTML Pages Using XQuery

Using MobileTogether, you can create an sophisticated enterprise mobile app, even if the data you need is only avaialble in a web page or HTML table. In this video we are demonstrating how to build a mobile app for mobile and desktop devices that is built on top of legacy data. We will extract the data from an HTML page using the powerful HTML parser in MobileTogether, which will normalize the data so it can be processed using XQuery. This will allow us to quickly build an XML representation of that data, and then plot it on a chart.
YouTube Videoplay

Length: 09:09 (mm:ss)

Advanced Charting and XPath Calculations

A continuation of the example in the video above, this video demonstrates advanced charting techniques and options available for building in-house mobile reports, dashboards, forms, and other apps that include sophisticated charts and graphs.