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Learn about all the additional capabilities that have been added to MobileTogether in each release.

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Version 3.2 (May 10, 2017)
Support for NFC (near field communication) messages
Ability to access mobile device contacts
Text to speech
Wait cursor
Actions for date and time pickers
Get file info
View an image full-screen
Pre-defined sounds for common scenarios
Support for reply-to in emails
Significantly extended scroll-to action
Goto page/subpage via XPath
Dynamic table growth: left to right
On-demand loading of tables
New predefined button looks
JSON5 support
Numerous chart enhancements
Improvements in Browser execution
Single-thread execution option for MobileTogether Server

Version 3.0 (October 10, 2016)
Support for barcodes
Multi-level style sheets
Automated testing facility - to record and re-run tests in Designer and on clients
New action: print to PDF, Word, or RTF from client
Ability to open files (e.g., PDF) on client
Significant speed increase for Windows and Windows Phone client
Completely re-written browser client

Version 2.2 (May 31, 2016)
New action for recording audio
New action to play audio
New action to play video
A new control to embed video within an app
Audio and video XQuery extension functions
A new Simulator feature for LAN connections
End-user file dialog
Enhanced context menu for tables

Version 2.1 (April 4, 2016)
Completely new pricing
New control: Slider
New control: Vertical line
New button looks: Share and Email
New action: Share. Familiar option for sharing via Facebook, Email, Messaging, etc. apps
New action: DB Bulk Insert Into. For quickly inserting multiple rows into a database at once – speeds up to 100x faster *
New action: Let. Allows definition of temporary variables in action trees
New action: Return. Allows an action group to return a result of any complexity; action group can act as a programming subroutine
Subpages: possibility to return result on close (in conjunction with Let action)
Action groups: possibility to pass parameters (and even other action groups) to an action group
New action: Try/Catch. For sophisticated error handling and recovery
New action: Throw. As part of the Try/Catch action, Throw allows definition of exception conditions
New action: Cancel Action Execution. For example, at a validation error in user-entered data
New action: Scroll to Table Bottom. For example, when adding new rows to a scrollable table
New action: Load Image. Load an image for further processing, for instance to transfer to a database
New action: Show Route. Adds to geolocation functionality; show a route between two points
New Action: Loading/saving files on client devices. Users can save files / share between apps on device
Creating folders automatically when saving files on client or server. When saving to a folder that doesn't exist, it can be created
New action: Delete Files/Folders. As permitted by the client operating system or server administrator
New action: Restart/Stop Page Timer. Interrupt the page timer and even reset the timer interval
New action: User Cancel Behavior. More flexibility for letting user cancel at predefined safe locations
Flexibility to set some existing properties via XPath
New property: text size in pixels
New XPath function: mt-connected-via-wifi
New XPath function: mt-font-height
New XPath function: mt-control-width
New XPath function: mt-user-tried-to-cancel-actions
Quick search in XPath function dialog
New option to hide page title bar
Customizable login/index page for browser client
Speed up of app starts when connection is slow
New keyboard style: Visible Password
New demo app: MyCollections

Version 2.0 (November 10, 2015)
Build your own AppStore Apps
New server licensing option: per server core
Support for REST and SOAP Web services
Support for JSON data
Support for Firebird databases
Other supported databases updated to include newest versions
Parallel processing of multiple solutions
Signature / simple drawing control
Load/save files with filename calculated via XPath
Simulate missing Server access
Support for Windows 10
Support for Windows 10 Edge Browser
New XPath functions for color handling
Support for multiple languages: English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish
New flag for source trees: Keep data on client
New page action: OnServerConnectionError

Version 1.5 (April 28, 2015)
Send emails to one or more recipients and optionally include attachments
Action loops for repeated execution of a sequence of actions
Start app solution via a link that includes parameters (can also send link via email functionality above)
OnClick vs. OnLongClick
Hide keyboard
Update display during execution of a series of actions
Automatic save for database tables without primary keys
Execute actions on typing in the Browser
Support for Radio Buttons as an alternative to On/Off Switch controls
New horizontal line properties for dashed and dotted lines
Button Look properties to add symbols to buttons
Support for user CSS and font files for solutions running in Web browser windows
A property to set any control width as a percent of screen width
Unified data types for relational database tables
Optionally remove source nodes that are inserted by Append/Insert node action
Multiple versions of the same solution may coexist on server to accommodate outdated client apps
MobileTogether Client configuration may be sent via email link to simplify set-up for end users
Several convenient and time-saving editing shortcuts have been added to the MobileTogether Designer

Version 1.4 (February 2, 2015)
Robust support for geolocation services
Support for Android version 5.0
Support for XPath and XQuery 3.1 (adds to support for previous versions)
String localization (enhances existing support for localization)
Support for additional specific headers in HTTP requests
Feature allowing one MobileTogether solution to start another solution when it terminates
iOS 7/8 rendering in the Simulator portion of the MobileTogether Designer
Ability to edit the XML tree directly in the Simulator
Additional refactoring support
Display versions of connected clients on the MobileTogether Server

MobileTogether Commercial Release (November 10, 2014)
MobileTogether Server available for Linux and MacOS, in addition to Windows
New action: Let User Choose Image from gallery or camera
Image embedding
New action: Save Image to File
New action: Execute on Server/Client
New XPath functions for image processing
New XPath functions for geolocation processing
Additional new XPath functions

MobileTogether Beta 2 (September 17, 2014)
Support for SQLite databases
Support for dynamic SELECT statements fully generated with XPath/XQuery)
Automatic retrieval of auto-number primary key after Save action to database
Support for data retrieval in DB Execute action
Support for user authentication via Windows Active Directory
Support for user to choose his/her own password in client
Support for user to change his/her password on first login
Auto-correcting HTML parser
Mobile Apps translated to German, Spanish, Japanese
New variables: $MT_ButtonBackgroundColor, $MT_ButtonTextColor, $MT_EditFieldBackgroundColor, $MT_EditFieldTextColor, $MT_LabelBackgroundColor, $MT_DBExecute_Result, $MT_SimulationMode
New functions: mt-has-serveraccess, mt-refresh-userroles, mt-external-error-code, mt-external-error-text

MobileTogether Beta (July 22, 2014)
MobileTogether is made available as a public beta.