Automated App Testing

MobileTogether Automated App Testing

MobileTogether Automated App Testing Features:

  • Record sequences of user actions as test cases
  • Playback test cases in the Simulator window
  • Playback test cases on a client device connected to the MobileTogether Designer
  • Playback test cases on the MobileTogether Server and any connected client device
  • Save playback results as test runs
  • Compare test run results to identify differences
  • Save test runs and results for re-use as input data changes or the app evolves

Record, Playback, and Manage Test Cases and Trial Runs

In addition to a built in Simulator for in-depth testing on all platforms and form factors, MobileTogether includes a full-blown automated testing facility that greatly enhances developers’ ability to test and debug mobile apps. The MobileTogether Designer toolbar includes buttons to initiate automated app testing and manage test cases.

Recorded actions may be replayed in the Simulator window, on a client device connected for a trial run, or even on the MobileTogether Server. The Manage Test Cases and Runs dialog shown above lets users control playback speed, collect snapshots of client views and page sources after each step, and compare test run results.

MobileTogether quick access buttons for test runs

Run Test Cases on the Server

You can deploy test cases to the MobileTogether Server with your app and select them to run from a special Automated Tests dialog on the server, shown in the partial view at the right.

Any client device connected to the server can then execute the automated app test at the speed specified in the Automated Tests dialog. Additional columns in the dialog let you set logging details for each test run to capture snapshots of infosets, client views, and styles, which are recorded in test run files.

The log files of MobileTogether Server test runs can then be downloaded back to the MobileTogether Designer for analysis and comparison.

Run test cases on the MobileTogether server

Comparing Test Results

Users can select any two cases or test runs and compare results to identify differences. In the comparison at right the value of a page source element changed in a subsequent test run after actions assigned to a user control were revised.

Execution of saved test scripts allows developers to:

  • Validate app behavior if external data changes, such as the result of a database query
  • Verify bug fixes by replaying a set of actions that caused the error in a revised version of the app
  • Ensure no unexpected behaviors are accidentally introduced in new versions of the app
  • Preview how the same sets of user actions look on different mobile client devices
MobileTogether test case comparison

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