Altova LicenseServer - Requesting Trial Key Codes

The free Altova LicenseServer is required for successful operation of Altova server products including FlowForce Server, MapForce Server, and StyleVision Server. The Altova LicenseServer must be installed on a server machine that is accessible from all server machines running Altova server products.

It’s easy to manage license key codes via the LicenseServer, and you can also use it to request free, 30-day trial key codes for any server products by following the steps below.

Registering a Server Product

If you are evaluating a server product, you will need to register it with the LicenseServer before requesting a trial license key code. Start by following these steps:

2. Open the FlowForce Server Setup web page.

3. Click the search icon to let FlowForce locate your running LicenseServer, or click the edit icon to enter the address yourself. Then click Register with LicenseServer.

4. Continue following the steps below.

Requesting Server Evaluation Licenses

2. When the LicenseServer web interface opens, you will be prompted to enter your password. If this is your first time logging in, the password is “default.”

3. Click on Client Management; then click on the name of your server.

4. You will see the Altova server products running on the server. Click Request evaluation licenses button.

Submitting Your Request

5. Enter your name, company, and email in the text fields and click Request Evaluation Licenses to submit your request.

6. In the dialog that opens, click Go to License Pool to add the license file that should now be in your email inbox. (You'll want to save the .altova_licenses file locally.)

Uploading the Evaluation License File

7. Click Choose File to browse and select the .altova_licenses file you just saved. Click Upload.

Activating Your Licenses

8. Your evaluation license(s) will be listed on the License Pool tab. Select them and click Activate. You may need to refresh the page a few times until the status says Active.

Other Resources

Complete documentation is available for each Altova server product, including the Altova LicenseServer, to assist you during your evaluation.

Be sure to subscribe to the Altova Blog, where you'll find helpful examples and use cases for working with Altova server products.