Altova Support - Frequently Asked Licensing Questions

Licensing/Registration FAQ Answers
When I try to register XMLSpy® 2017, I get an error message that one of the fields contains a wrong value. Why?

Please cut and paste the registration information (from the license confirmation email that you have received) into the appropriate fields of the licensing manager as this avoids any "case" errors or spelling mistakes. Also ensure that there are no leading or trailing spaces in any of the fields. Furthermore note that each version/edition of our products require its own unique license key-code i.e. a license might be valid for e.g. XMLSpy® 2017 Professional Edition but this will not work for XMLSpy 5.x Professional Edition or XMLSpy® 2017 Enterprise Edition. Ensure you have the right version/edition installed and then try to register again. It is also important to make sure that you enter the licensing information into the licensing manager of the correct product. If you should still have problems registering please send a screenshot of the licensing manager displaying your license details to our support team.

I have clicked on "Request evaluation key-code", but the software still doesn't unlock?

Once you have clicked the request button, XMLSpy® 2017 contacts our web server, which in turn generates and sends out the key-code. Please check the inbox of your e-mail system for a new message from our web server that contains your key-code. If you still haven't received the key after some 5 to 10 minutes, please go back to the "Registration" dialog in XMLSpy® 2017 and verify that you have entered your e-mail address correctly.

What information is sent out on my local area network when XMLSpy® 2017 starts?

XMLSpy® 2017 has a built-in license-metering module that helps you in avoiding any unintentional violation of the licensing agreement. The license-metering module ensures that the number of instances of XMLSpy® 2017 does not exceed the number of licensed users at any one time. The license-metering technology uses your local area network (LAN) to communicate between instances of XMLSpy® 2017 running on different computers. Further information can be found in the License Metering section of the documentation.

What is an Installed-User license?

Please refer to our Altova Software Licensing Models page for a full explanation of the different types of licenses available.

What is a Named-User license?

Please refer to our Altova Software Licensing Models page for a full explanation of the different types of licenses available.

What is a Concurrent-User license? How many times can I install the software with a Concurrent license?

Please refer to our Altova Software Licensing Models page for a full explanation of the different types of licenses available.

In the e-mail that I received from Altova with the license details there was no entry for the username. Do I have to enter a username into the licensing manager or can I leave this out?

With a MULTI user license a username is never specified in the license confirmation e-mail because we simply do not know who the possible users could be. Although the username is missing from the confirmation e-mail, it is still necessary to enter a name into "user name" field of the licensing manager. In this case the user name can be any name, as long as this field is filled out. With SINGLE user licenses the situation is different. In this case the license confirmation mail specifies the user name, and exactly this name must be entered into the "user name" field of the licensing manager, no other name will be accepted.

I have 'lost' my permanent keycode. What do I do?

Please contact our sales or Support Teams if you have lost your keycode.

I want to transfer my license to someone else. How do I do this?

Please contact our sales Team for further information on how to transfer a license to another person.

I would like to extend my evaluation period for another thirty days. How do I do this?

An extension can be requested by filling out our evaluation extension form.

I would like to use part of the XMLSpy® 2017 COM API functionality in one of my applications. Do I have to buy a license of XMLSpy® 2017 for each user who will be using my application?

Yes it is necessary to install XMLSpy® 2017 on each machine on which your application will be installed as well as purchasing a license of XMLSpy® 2017 for each user who will be using your application.

Is it possible to install XMLSpy® 2017 on a Citrix / Windows Terminal Server?

If you wish to install XMLSpy® 2017 on a server such as Citrix or Windows Terminal Server then there are two things to bear in mind:
A) You MUST purchase concurrent licenses of XMLSpy® 2017 for use in a terminal server environment as opposed to the installed (per seat) licensing model.
B) No technical support can be provided by Altova for technical issues that may arise as a result of using XMLSpy® 2017 in a Terminal Server environment. .

I get a DEACTIVATION OF TERMINATED KEY CODE error message and cannot open the application. What do I do?

This message appears if the keycode that you have used to activate the software is obsolete.
A license key can be rendered obsolete under certain circumstances, the most common of which is if the Support and Maintenance Package has been prolonged for a license.
If you prolong your SMP, a new license key will be generated and this new key must be entered into the software in place of the "old" key.
If you get the "Deactivation of Terminated key code" error message, please delete the "[product].lic" file and then restart the application. Once you have restarted the application you will be prompted to enter your new license key into the software activation dialog.
For version 2008 and higher of our products, to delete the ".lic" file follow these steps:
1) In Windows Explorer activate the "show hidden files and folders" option.
2a) On Windows XP: navigate to the "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Altova\[product][version]" directory.
2b) On Windows Vista or higher: navigate to the "C:\ProgramData\Altova\[product][version]" directory ( !!! NOTE "C:\ProgramData" NOT "c:\Program Files" !!!! ).
3) Delete the "[product].lic" file.

I get a "cannot save license data" error message. What do I do?

Sometimes when trying to save the license keycode, you may get an error message similar to this:
"Cannot save license data in C:\ProgramData\Altova\XMLSpy2013\xmlspy.lic".
To solve this issue, in Windows Explorer please ensure that you have write permissions to the file (if it exists) and folder mentioned in the error message, and then try to save the license data again.
NOTE:- The directory / file mentioned in the error message may be HIDDEN in Windows Explorer. In this case it will be necessary to enable the option "Show hidden files and folders" in Windows Explorer in order to be able to see it