Document Compare Tool for Microsoft Word

Word processor document comparison in Altova DiffDog

DiffDog Word Processor View:

  • Side by side comparison with highlighted differences
  • Merge differences in either direction
  • Open .docx, .doc, .rtf or .txt files
  • Edit document content in either window
  • View and edit word processor formatting
  • Zoom document view to fit window

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Side by Side Comparison in Word Processor View

DiffDog® 2017 includes a special compare feature for Microsoft Word® documents. If Microsoft Word 2003 or later is installed on your computer, DiffDog can compare document files by opening two embedded Microsoft Word windows and automatically display the differences side-by-side. DiffDog Word comparison complements DiffDog OOXML Word file diff/merge functionality and is especially useful to manage document revisions over time, particularly where change tracking was not used.

DiffDog Word document diff can also be applied to any file type that can be opened by Microsoft Word 2003 and later, including .doc files created in earlier versions of Word, .rtf files, .txt, and others.

Microsoft Word Document Comparison integrates MS Word into the DiffDog user interface and lets you use MS Word functions as you compare and edit documents within DiffDog. This allows you to view all the word processor document formatting as you apply DiffDog's powerful diff/merge engine.

Displaying Document Differences

When you start a Word Document comparison, differences between the two files are displayed as blocks of highlighted text and the results of the comparison are reported in the Comparison Window Status Bar. Corresponding differences in the two documents are linked for easier identification and analysis.

You can use the DiffDog Word file comparison toolbar to access Word functionality to show or hide revisions, comments, and paragraph and other formatting symbols, and to set the document zoom level.

As you navigate through either document window, the current difference is highlighted and you can merge in either direction. The current difference is merged when you click the left or right button in the Diff and Merge toolbar or via keyboard shortcuts.

Editing in DiffDog word processor view

Editing Word Documents in DiffDog

After you open a Word document comparison, you can directly edit the content of the files in the DiffDog Word file diff windows using all the features of Microsoft Word that are available via the context menu or keyboard shortcuts.

In Word document diff/merge windows, DiffDog gives you access to the Microsoft Word Find and Replace dialog. You can launch Find and Replace by clicking the search tool in the DiffDog toolbar or using the Ctrl-f keyboard shortcut in either document window.

When your edits are complete, use the DiffDog Save or Save As buttons in each Word file comparison window, or the File / Save menu option to save your work.

"DiffDog saved my life! Recordare developed MusicXML as an Internet-friendly format for publishing and sharing digital sheet music. As MusicXML became more popular, we needed a truly XML-aware differencing program to evaluate the XML files created by our Dolet plug-ins. DiffDog gives us the high quality regression testing tool that we had long sought for our MusicXML projects."

– Michael Good, CEO,