Compare Word Documents

Intelligent Word Compare Tool

  • Compare two Word documents
  • Merge two Word documents in either direction
  • Manage Word document changes over time
  • Use Word editing & formatting tools in DiffDog
  • Synchronized vertical & horizontal scrolling
  • Unlimited undo of merged changes

Compare Two Word Documents

When you compare Word documents (.doc or .docx), two instances of Microsoft® Word are opened side-by-side in DiffDog. Differenced between the two Word documents are highlighted, and you can merge the differences between the documents in either direction.

Compare two Word documents side-by-side in DiffDog

Comparing Word documents in DiffDog is a great way to monitor and understand document revisions over time, especially when change-tracking is not enabled by the document author.

As you compare Word documents, you can use many common Microsoft Word functions (Find, Replace, Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo, Redo, etc.) directly in the diff tool. This allows you to use Microsoft Word's formatting and editing features together with DiffDog's powerful comparison engine.

Compare Word Documents: Options

Depending on the content of your two Word documents, you may wish to customize the DiffDog comparison options. For instance, you can compare at the sentence or paragraph level, ignore blank lines, detect case-sensitive differences, and so on. You can even compare Word document formatting changes.

During comparison, you also have the option show/hide formatting symbols and show/hide comments in the Word documents.

It's easy to select options to compare Word documents in DiffDog

Merge Two Word Documents

Merge two Word documents in DiffDog by copying changes in either direction

It's easy to merge two Word documents by copying all changes from one pane to the other, or by copying some changes from left to right and others from right to left. Then, save the merged Word documents, or choose save-as to create a new document from the merged changes.

Automate Word Document Comparison

To automate diff report generation to compare high volumes of Word documents and other files, check out DiffDog Server.

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