File Comparison Tool

Intelligent File Diff/Merge

  • Compare 2 files
  • Compare 3 files
  • Bi-directional merging and editing
  • Automatic back-up
  • Syntax coloring, line folding, line wrap
  • Synchronized vertical & horizontal scrolling
  • Generate diff reports

Compare Files with DiffDog

Compare and merge 3 files

The DiffDog file comparison tool includes powerful capabilities to compare two text files quickly and easily. Compare and merge any type of text-based file, with support for Unicode, ASCII, MBCS, and any other file formats. DiffDog also includes additional features for intelligent, XML-aware comparisons. Comparing three text files is also supported with the same helpful functionality.

DiffDog allows you to compare and merge files on your local drives, files on your local network, and even files on remote FTP and HTTP servers (based on user privileges). This flexibility is especially suited for comparing, maintaining, and synchronizing files on live servers with the latest updates from your local machine.

When you select two or three files to compare, they are opened side-by-side in the intuitive DiffDog interface. Differences between the files are indicated by colored highlighting and connecting lines. The DiffDog display options are completely customizable, allowing you change the colors used to highlight differences and even specify source code conformant syntax coloring based on file extension.

Advanced navigation features such as synchronized horizontal and vertical scrolling allow you to move through each file without losing track of the corresponding differences in the other files.

Merge and Edit Files

compare 2 files with DiffDog

DiffDog allows bi-directional merging as well as direct editing of both compared files. DiffDog automatically creates a backup of each file, allowing you to re-load the original file from the server or disk at anytime should you need to start over.

DiffDog also supports unlimited undo, so you can backtrack to any point in the editing and merging process. In addition, as you’re working with a file, DiffDog constantly monitors the server where the file is stored, and, if it’s modified externally, reloads the most current version into the DiffDog comparison window.

As you merge changes and edit your files, DiffDog automatically re-compares the files to indicate the current differences.

Generate Diff Reports

Developers and other project stakeholders often want to keep a record of changes to source code and other important files. DiffDog can create diff reports for all comparisons of text-based files, including source code files.

The Export differences dialog lets you choose to create a diff report in text, XML, or HTML format. While text and XML are well suited for machine analysis, HTML is a more human-readable format.

DiffDog Server

To automate diff reports generation for high-volume comparisons, check out DiffDog Server.

“DiffDog saved my life!”

Michael Good CEO,