Diff/Merge Office Open XML (OOXML) Files

XML differencing in Altova DiffDog

OOXML Comparison and Editing:

  • Compare OOXML document structure and content
  • Side by side comparison with highlighted differences
  • Merge differences in either direction
  • Open files contained in OOXML for detailed comparison
  • XML-aware comparison
  • Text view with XML syntax coloring
  • Enhanced Grid view

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Opening OOXML Documents for Comparison

Altova DiffDog includes enhanced support to diff/merge Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML) files. Many diff/merge tools treat Office Open XML (OOXML) files as binary file types that are simply recognized as identical or different based on file size and modification date. DiffDog empowers you to compare and display detailed differences in the contents of Office 2007 (and higher) OOXML file pairs. You can even merge differences in OOXML files.

Office Open XML (also commonly known as OOXML or OpenXML) is a powerful emerging specification for electronic documents and is the default file format for the popular Microsoft Office suite. Recently approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as an International Standard, OOXML was developed by Microsoft to replace the binary file formats that it had traditionally used for data storage. IBM Lotus Notes, OpenOffice.org, and GoogleDocs can all import OOXML files.

OOXML comparisons are selected from the DiffDog Directory Compare window since, like directories, they contain multiple files.

Comparing an individual OOXML component in Altova DiffDog

Compare Files Contained in OOXML

Open Office XML (OOXML) files created by Microsoft Office 2007 (and higher) applications can be thought of as a specialized form of a ZIP archive that acts as a wrapper around multiple individual XML and other types of files.

DiffDog lets you examine files within pairs of OOXML documents and even merge differences in either direction, with full support for all the advanced XML-aware differencing options DiffDog offers during XML file comparisons.

You can also display and edit file pairs stored inside OOXML files in Grid View. In many cases Grid View can provide a more easily comprehensible representation of the file contents.

OOXML internal file Grid View in Altova DiffDog

"In no time at all, Altova DiffDog identified a minute discrepancy between our XML files that would have taken me hours to identify manually. Problem found equals problem solved – I'm a DiffDog fan for life!

– Michael Mullins, Applications Developer, West Virginia Division of Natural Resources