Exploring Unfamiliar Databases with DatabaseSpy

Seamless integration of major DatabaseSpy features makes it easy to complete the task at hand without distractions from an unfamiliar database interface or SQL dialect. For instance, you can explore any database by using the Online Browser to retrieve data from tables or views:

You can copy the table in the results window to paste into another application, or you can save your changes to the query in a SQL file and add it to your project for later reuse. You can even click the Export button in the SQL Editor toolbar to export the query results in any of five formats, including XML, HTML, or Excel.

If you want to see more detail about columns in the table, choose Show in New Design Editor from the Online Browser for a graphical representation that displays the datatypes for each column as well as the table keys and indexes.

For a higher-level view of an unfamiliar database, you can create an entity relationship diagram to illustrate database table relationships. Click here to visit the DatabaseSpy® 2017 Entity Relationship Diagrams page.