AI Tools for Database Query & Design

DatbaseSpy AI Assistant

  • Built-in AI Assistant
  • SQL editor AI extensions
  • Generate SQL from natural language prompts
  • Accelerate query development
  • Generate sample database data
  • Create table relations
  • Explain complex SQL statements
  • Explain errors and troubleshoot

DatabaseSpy is AI-Ready

DatabaseSpy includes built-in support for using the productivity-enhancing functionality of ChatGPT AI for query writing, data modeling, error resolution, and more. The AI Assistant in DatabaseSpy consists of two tools:

  • AI Chat Dialog
  • AI Extensions

The AI Chat Dialog allows you to send requests to ChatGPT to create sample SQL statements, create sample data for a given table structure, create relations between tables that have no keys yet, and so on. Once you send a request and receive the response, you can copy and paste the returned SQL into an existing file or create a new SQL file with the response.

Using the AI Assistant to generate SQL in DatabaseSpy

SQL Editor AI Extensions

In addition to the AI Chat Dialog, the DatabaseSpy SQL Editor menu includes AI-powered extensions that help you increase productivity with ChatGPT:

  • AI-complete: Generate SQL statements, tables, etc.
  • AI-explain: Describe what a particular statement will accomplish when executed (shown below)
  • AI-explain-error: When a statement execution throws an error, a link is provided in the Messages window to request more information and troubleshooting steps
  • Pretty-print: Format SQL code to make it easier to read and understand
Using ChatGPT AI in DatabaseSpy to explain what a SQL statement does

This built-in AI functionality in DatabaseSpy will increase productivity and accelerate learning when designing and developing queries or otherwise working with the data from relational databases.