XSLT for Word (Open XML)

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Word / Open XML Design Features:

  • Visual design for Word / Open XML
  • Drag-and-drop XSLT design to publish Word documents
  • Generation of DOCX (.docx) conformant archives
  • XML to Word
  • Database to Word
  • XBRL to Word
  • Special options for paged and printed media
  • Support for CSS2.1 and CSS3
  • Re-use existing and external XSLT and CSS stylesheets
  • Multi-channel output in numerous formats

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Generate XSLT for Word (Open XML)

Office Open XML (also commonly known as OOXML or Open XML) is an XML-based specification for electronic documents and is the default file format for the popular Microsoft Office suite, which includes Word. The new DOCX format from the OOXML specification promises to offer increased information compatibility, integration, and transparency, as well as increased security. The WordprocessingML (WordML) vocabulary forms the basis for the DOCX format, while associated assets, including images, media, and formatting information, are packaged as separate files in a ZIP archive. However, generating Word documents in StyleVision shields you from these underlying details.

StyleVision facilitates Open XML development by allowing you to graphically design and implement XSLT stylesheets for conformant Word output from XML, XBRL, and/or SQL database data.

More Open XML Tools

StyleVision® 2017 is one of several Altova tools that simplify working with Open XML. For more information about using Open XML in XMLSpy, see the XMLSpy Office Open XML page. For an overview of Open XML features in MapForce, see the MapForce Excel Mapping page.

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