StyleVision HTML designer

HTML Design Features:

  • Graphical design for HTML4, HTML5, and XHTML pages
  • Drag-and-drop XSLT design for HTML pages
  • XML to HTML
  • Database to HTML
  • XBRL to HTML
  • Auto-generation of XSLT 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0
  • Support for CSS2.1 and CSS3
  • Re-use existing and external XSLT and CSS styles
  • Legacy HTML to XML conversion
  • JavaScript editor
  • Multi-channel output in Web and print formats

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Automatically Generate XSLT for HTML

StyleVision® 2017 is a visual design tool for creating compelling reports and forms based on XML, SQL database, and XBRL inputs.

StyleVision supports advanced functionality for building HTML4, HTML5, and XHTML Web pages, including CSS (including CSS3) styles and JavaScript functions. You can add precise visual styling rules to your designs using built-in CSS styles, and you can import your own CSS documents to leverage work you’ve already completed. StyleVision includes a JavaScript editor for defining JavaScript functions, and each JavaScript function that you define is listed under Scripts in the Design Tree window. You can assign functions to design components via the Event tab in the Properties window to add event-based interactivity to your Web page.

StyleVision also automatically generates standards-conformant XSLT stylesheets for developers who want to perform recurrent HTML transformations in other tools and custom solutions.

StyleVision XSLT-HTML output view

HTML & Web Development Solutions

For a full suite of HTML and Web development solutions from Altova, choose Altova MissionKit, the integrated suite of XML, SQL, and UML tools. Altova MissionKit includes StyleVision and up to six other award-winning products - all for less than the price of two!

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Configuring HTML5 output

"Altova StyleVision is essential to helping us deliver content in a wide variety of formats at our university’s training center. There’s so much you can do with StyleVision. It has everything I want and more."

Scott Calkins
Manager, Emerging Technologies, Binghamton University