Charting and Graphing

StyleVision chart from database data

Charting and Graphing Features:

  • Wizard-based chart and graph design
  • Chart & graph creation for XML, SQL, and XBRL
  • Data selection via XPath
  • Real-time updates when data changes
  • Granular customization of chart appearance
  • Chart overlays to combine chart types
  • Background color gradients and background images
  • Advanced chart configuration dialog & entry helpers
  • XBRL Chart Wizard
  • Static or conditional chart formatting options
  • Interactive charts
  • Integration in HTML, PDF, Word, and RTF reports

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Charts and Graphs for Business Reports

StyleVision is an intelligent reporting tool that enables designers to visualize XML, database, and/or XBRL data in charts and graphs for multi-channel output. Charts can be easily and quickly developed for static or dynamic data, and integrated into consolidated report designs.

Charting brings a vibrant visual dimension to your report designs, allowing you to present data that can be easily analyzed from a variety of different angles. Charting, in combination with StyleVision's other powerful general purpose reporting capabilities — including support for modular designs, conditional templates, dynamic publishing, creating electronic forms, multiple output formats, and more — makes for an advanced and highly scalable decision support tool for XML, SQL database, and XBRL content.

StyleVision charts are flexible and powerful but also easy to use, thanks to a dialog-driven designer interface and, for more complex XBRL rendering, an XBRL chart wizard.

Chart and Graph Types

StyleVision charts are easily integrated into your report templates at any point by simply dragging the relevant node onto the design pane and choosing Insert Chart from the context menu. The Chart Configuration dialog can then be used for chart settings (choosing chart type and style) and data selection (populating your chart axes with the relevant data from the source). Chart and graph options include:

  • Pie charts (2D & 3D)
  • Bar and stacked bar charts (2D & 3D)
  • Category and value line graphs
  • Area and stacked area charts
  • Candlestick charts
  • Gauge charts
Interactive pie chart

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