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When apps take several months to build, dev teams face a backlog of projects, with requirements that have likely changed in the interim. Competitive companies simply cannot afford to invest in mobile development approaches that prevent quick turnaround and agility.

With its powerful visual and functional programming approach, MobileTogether Designer lets in-house developers draw on existing expertise to develop cutting edge mobile apps that are simultaneously available on all platforms – in as little as hours or days, not months or longer.

The diagram above compares four common app development approaches:

  • The native platform app approach
  • Other multiplatform mobile software development kits (SDKs)
  • The MobileTogether AppStore deployment approach
  • Instant deployment with the MobileTogether App



Native Platform Approach: 30-60+ Weeks

The native platform app approach is the most time-consuming as developers need expertise with three IDEs, three different APIs and SDKs, and more than two programming languages. Whether you’re paying your developers to learn this or you’re hiring someone who already possesses these skills, it’s going to be very expensive and time-consuming.

In addition you’re going to have to budget at least two weeks for app store approval. Add more weeks if the app store testers find bugs and sends it back for changes. Then you need to wait another three to four days for the app store to do another review cycle of your update – and the same is true for every future update you submit.

Suddenly that urgent project has ballooned to almost 15 months, and the original requirements have likely changed in the interim.

Multi-Platform SDK Approach: 7-12+ Weeks

The second approach is a bit faster, but you’re still measuring completion time with multiple pages of the calendar. It can take up to three months for your developers to become familiar enough with just one IDE and one API/SDK. They still have to take the time to learn more than one programming language. While the learning curve may have accelerated, the app store and store review cycle times haven’t changed.

You’re looking at almost four months to get your mobile solution in the hands of your team.



MobileTogether AppStore Deployment: 1-3 Weeks

You'll still need to compile your app using the SDK for each desired platform and submit the resulting apps to the app stores using this approach. However, because MobileTogether autogenerates a code package for each platform based on your single design in MobileTogether Designer, you will get to the app store submission step infinitely faster than using the above options.

MobileTogether Instant Deployment: 2-5 Days

When you deploy your app solution to the MobileTogether Mobile App, you can have it in end-users' hands immediately. Instead of months, we’re talking about days to get your solution out the door. There is only one tool that your existing developer(s) need to use to create your mobile apps There are no complicated APIs or SDKs, no new programming languages to learn, and no app store submission delays.



Build Once for All Devices

MobileTogether makes it fast and easy to build native apps for all platforms - mobile and desktop - based on a single design.

The MobileTogether Designer uses an intuitive visual approach to design the user interface of your app, and a powerful visual programming paradigm called ActionTrees that lets you define all control behaviors using XPath and XQuery. This makes it easy to build sophisticated apps without platform-specific mobile development experience.

Supported Platforms       Cross-platform mobile support

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows 8, Windows 10-
  • Windows Phone 8
  • HTML-5 Browser Based Client

The single solution you create in MobileTogether is available to end users on whatever device they're using at a given time: smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.