MobileTogether Makes BYOD Easy

Mobile Together BYOD

Native Apps for All Devices

Many companies have adopted BYOD policies to provide end users with choice and flexibility. However, BYOD scenarios present significant challenges to mobile app developers, who now must build apps for multiple OSes and screen sizes.

MobileTogether addresses this challenge head on, letting you mobilize essential business processes via a single design that produces native apps for all devices.

Build Once - Deploy Everywhere

With MobileTogether, your in-house developers build a single solution that users access via native apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 or 10, or via an HTML5 browser client for any other device. MobileTogether takes care of rendering the solution properly for each device, form factor, and screen orientation. Its powerful visual and functional programming approach means developers can draw on existing expertise to develop cutting edge apps for all platforms – quickly, and without breaking your budget.

Supported Platforms Cross-platform mobile support

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Windows Phone 8
  • HTML-5 Browser Based Client

Keeping Your Data Secure

Security concerns are of the utmost importance for any BYOD or CYOD (choose your own device) implementation, and MobileTogether provides a robust set of security options that make it easy to control the level of security required on a per-server or per-app basis. These include:

  • Management of user and roles definition
  • User access control
  • SSL encryption
  • Optional Active Directory integration
  • Granular password options

Fast Deployment to All Devices

This is true BYOD. Once you’ve run your app through the built in simulator and are satisfied with its performance, simply deploy it one time to your MobileTogether Server, where it is immediately available to all your authorized mobile users, on all their various platforms using the free MobileTogether Mobile App.

Or, if you wish to deploy your apps with a custom name, logo, and splashscreen, you can compile the code packages generated by MobileTogether Designer and submit them to the app stores yourself. You'll still deliver native apps for all platforms in record time.

Affordable Mobile Solutions

MobileTogether is an extremely affordable and easily-implemented business solution for a paradigm shift that can otherwise be both expensive and confusing.

Unlike other mobile app solutions, there aren’t any consulting fees or complicated licensing models. The powerful MobileTogether Designer and the MobileTogether Mobile App for iOS, Android, and Windows are free-to-own downloads—and the MobileTogether Server scales affordably for deployments small and large.