MobileTogether Mobile App

Mobile Together Mobile App

MobileTogether Mobile App Features:

  • Native client apps for all relevant mobile and desktop platforms
  • Seamless desktop access via native Windows app
  • Browser-based interface for any other platforms
  • Ability to update data-capturing forms
  • Access beautifully designed BI dashboards, charts, and graphs
  • Ideal for BYOD
  • No consulting fees or complicated licensing models
  • End users download free app & connect to your server
  • Optional App Store Deployment for custom-branded apps

How Does It Work?

The free MobileTogether Mobile App is the key to instant deployment of apps for in-house or enterprise scenarios. Developers build an app solution in MobileTogether Designer, and then deploy it to your MobileTogether Server. Then, end-users connect to your server using the MobileTogether Mobile App that they download for free from their device's app store. There is a native MobileTogether App for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

That's right: deployment of your app (and any subsequent updates) is instant; end-users will have immediate access to the data they need to be productive.

Each app solution conforms to the operating system's palette, allowing the unique look and feel of each device to stay consistent. This means that you won’t have to do the busy work of cleaning up the enterprise mobile solutions and the hours of trouble-shooting so that data looks “just right” on each different device. MobileTogether does this work for you, automatically.

Your projects are all stored in the same place, so your end-users won't be hunting and searching through folders for that award-winning presentation. Once you call up the mobile app, simply navigate to the mobile solution section and swipe a finger—from there your data is conveniently collected and available quickly.

In addition to instant deployment using the MobileTogether Mobile Apps, you can opt to complete some additional steps and submit your app to the app stores yourself.

Mobile App Security

MobileTogether offers comprehensive security options defined via MobileTogether Server: management of user and roles definition, user access control, SSL encryption, optional Active Directory integration, granular password options, and more.

Supported Platforms Cross-platform mobile support

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Windows Phone 8
  • HTML-5 Browser Based Client

Demo Server and Example Solutions

When you install the client app on your mobile device you will be connected to the Altova Demo server where you can run example MobileTogether solutions.

We've uploaded over a dozen MobileTogether solutions to illustrate different features and real-world examples like an expense report solution, an executive sales report, and a parcel delivery application with geotracking. (Most examples are also installed with the MobileTogether Designer so you can see how they were built and use the same techniques in your own solutions.)

We invite you to start with the "About" solution, which provides a quick hands-on introduction to the MobileTogether end user experience.

The About MobileTogether solution on an Android device
The About MobileTogether solution on an iOS device

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