Folder Differencing

Folder differencing in Altova DiffDog

DiffDog Folder Comparison:

  • Side by side comparison with highlighted differences
  • Multiple comparison modes based on file types
  • Merge differences in either direction
  • Command line operation
  • Remembers recently compared folders for quick reload
  • Compare local folders, network folders, or folders on servers
  • One-step directory sync

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Intelligent Folder Differencing

Altova DiffDog® 2017 is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for comparing and merging directories. The DiffDog Open dialog opens folders on your workstation, the local network, and even folders on local and remote FTP and HTTP servers (based on user privileges) to compare, merge, or synchronize folders.

DiffDog displays compared directories side-by-side as expandable/collapsible trees, and the size and date modified are indicated for each folder and file. Differences between the directories are indicated with color coding and easy to identify icons.

DiffDog provides five options for directory comparisons: Quick compare mode compares files by size and date only. This is useful for directories that contain many files of different types, including non-text files such as MP3s, JPGs, etc. Text comparison mode compares actual textual content of files in each directory, XML comparison mode compares actual file content with XML-aware intelligence, and Binary comparison mode for non-text files such as EXEs, MP3s, JPGs, etc. Extension comparison mode automatically selects a specialized mode based on the file pair extension.

As you are comparing, the DiffDog directory comparison toolbar allows you to control which files are displayed. For instance, you can show or hide all equal files, show or hide older or newer files, and expand and collapse directories and sub-directories. You can also choose to hide or display folders and subdirectories that are empty.

As with the file comparison functionality, DiffDog includes features to make navigating easy as you compare directories. With one click you can move to the next or previous difference, go back to the current difference, and so on. You can also merge files from one directory to the other in either direction, and you can even open a file comparison directly from the directory comparison window by simply double-clicking the desired file.

Directory synchronization options in Altova DiffDog

ZIP Archives in Folder Comparisons

DiffDog can compare files in ZIP archives similarly to subdirectories, individually comparing the compressed file pairs on the left and right side of the folder comparison pane.

In a folder comparison, ZIP archives are identified with a special compression icon next to the ZIP archive file name, followed by the names of each file included in the archive.

Folders on modern workstations and servers often contain thousands of files. DiffDog lets you skip detailed comparison of the contents of ZIP archives to accelerate comparison of very large folders.

Folder Comparison Filters

DiffDog supports file and folder filters to give you ultimate control over directory comparison options. DiffDog includes pre-defined filters to select XML-conformant files, text files, non-binary files or non-CVS files.

You can define a custom filter set to refine a directory comparison by including or excluding certain files and directories and store it for reuse at any time.

Synchronize Folders

DiffDog includes a special feature that allows you to update/merge entire directories, including sub-folders, with a single step.

The Synchronize button on the directory options toolbar opens a Synchronize Directories preferences dialog that lets you set the rules for merging files. The dialog even shows a preview of synchronization activity. You can review all the scheduled file updates across both folders, then modify the settings if you like. No changes are made in either directory until you click the Start button.

If you prefer a more customized merge of two similar directories, you can apply detailed settings to refine handling of different and missing files. The Enable manual override button even lets you select individual treatment for each file pair during synchronization.

Folder filter options in Altova DiffDog

Save/Reload Directory Differencing Selections

DiffDog lets you save the directory comparisons with all your personalized settings in a file you can reload later. You can easily repeat the same comparison by selecting the File / Open Comparison File menu option.