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Altova XBRL Tools

Altova has extended the reach of its XML development tools with support for XBRL, giving organizations of all types the ability to comply with current and future regulations using the affordable tools that they are already comfortable with.

Altova provides a complete solution for end-to-end XBRL development and automation. The MissionKit development tool suite supports extending industry-standard XBRL taxonomies, mapping back-end SQL database data to the taxonomy to create a valid XBRL instance for filing, and processing and publishing that same data in Web or print output formats.

RaptorXML Server is a high-performance XBRL validation server optimized for today's high-demand data processing applications.

What is XBRL?

Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) is an XML-based vocabulary for electronic transmission of business and financial data. Currently in version 2.1, XBRL is an open standard that is maintained by XBRL International, a global non-profit consortium of over 550 major companies, organizations, and government agencies. A mandate from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and official support from European Parliament and other governing bodies worldwide have secured XBRL’s future as the official standard for financial reporting.

Drawing upon the power and flexibility of the XML family of standards, XBRL utilizes familiar W3C specifications such as XML Namespaces, XML Schema, XPath, and XLink to offer a growing set of taxonomies for defining semantics, syntax, and relationships for single source financial reporting, helping to overcome data redundancy and quality issues in addition to offering instantaneous delivery to a variety of different output formats. XBRL incorporates these technologies to describe a taxonomy document and an instance document, which together comprise a business report.

  • Intelligent XML editor with advanced support for XBRL
  • Support for XBRL 2.1, XBRL Dimensions 1.0, XBRL Formula 1.0, XBRL Table Linkbase 1.0, and Extensible Enumerations 1.0
  • Visual tools, intelligent entry helpers, and wizards for exploring, understanding, and editing XBRL
  • Graphical XBRL Taxonomy editor for extending and editing taxonomies
  • XBRL Taxonomy Wizard for extending US-GAAP or IFRS
  • Comprehensive XBRL taxonomy documentation generation
  • Lightning-fast XBRL instance validation powered by RaptorXML
  • Any-to-any, graphical data mapping tool
  • Map XBRL between databases, Excel, Web services, and more
  • Extract financial data from accounting systems for reporting and disclosure
  • Map XBRL to relational databases, Excel, or other formats for financial analysis
  • Instant data conversion or royalty-free code generation in Java, C#, or C++
  • Report creation via StyleVision integration
  • Hight-performance automation via MapForce Server
  • Easy to use Excel add-in for the Surety Industry
  • Lets contractors enter WIP reports in Excel and export them in XBRL
  • No technical XBRL expertise is required
  • Excel template makes it easy to enter WIP data
  • Export XBRL button generates WIP XBRL data
  • Import XBRL button imports WIP XBRL data into Excel
  • Visual report and form design tool for XBRL rendering
  • Support for XBRL, as well as XML and SQL database, input sources
  • Rendering XBRL reports in HTML, PDF, Word, and RTF
  • XBRL Table Wizard and XBRL Chart Wizard simplify design process
  • Autogeneration of XSLT and XSL:FO from graphical design
  • Reusable templates for rendering financial data eliminate re-keying
  • Advanced layout and data processing options, rich chart and graph creation, and more
  • Automation via StyleVision Server
  • Hyper-fast XBRL validation server
  • Validate large amounts of XBRL data cost-effectively
  • Highly scalable code for parallel computing
  • Ultra-low memory footprint
  • Cross-platform support on Windows, Linux, & Mac OS X
  • Support for:
    • XBRL 2.1
    • XBRL Dimensions 1.0
    • Formula 1.0
    • Table Linkbase 1.0
    • Functions Registry 1.0
    • Generic Links 1.0
    • And others
  • FlowForce Server for managing automation
XBRL rendering and reporting
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