Altova Server Products

The Altova family of high-performance server software products is optimized to harness the power of today's parallel computing environments to automate essential business processes. Altova server products include cross-platform support for Windows, Linux, and MacOS operating systems.

FlowForce Server

FlowForce Server is high-performance server software for automating essential business processes.


FlowForce Server manages the orchestration of events, triggers, and the automation of workflows and processes performed by dedicated high-speed servers, virtual machines, or workstations. It includes an intuitive Web interface for managing job scheduling and security options.

MapForce Server

MapForce Server

MapForce Server provides high-speed automation of data integration tasks.


MapForce Server automates mapping and aggregation processes designed in Altova MapForce for XML, databases, flat files, EDI, Excel, XBRL, and Web services data. It may be used under the management of FlowForce Server or used standalone.

StyleVision Server

StyleVision Server

StyleVision Server provides high-speed automation of multi-channel report and document generation.


StyleVision Server automates business report generation in HTML, PDF, and Word/OpenXML based on designs created in Altova StyleVision. It may be used under the management of FlowForce Server or used standalone.


RaptorXML Server

RaptorXML Server is a hyper-fast XML and XBRL processing server.


Optimized for the very latest standards and for parallel computing environments, RaptorXML delivers lightning-fast processing of XML, XBRL, XSLT, XQuery, and more. It may be used under the management of FlowForce Server or used standalone.

Altova Server Software Products

Altova's new line of server products represents a huge leap forward in effective automation of essential business processes, whether they require a single step, or multiple cascading steps starting with data aggregation, validation, and conversion and completing with multi-channel report generation. These high performance workflow servers help you design information pipelines quickly and easily, and then deploy them in a flexible way, utilizing the power and speed afforded by multi-CPU servers.

RaptorXML Server, MapForce Server, and StyleVision Server may all be used standalone or in combination, with comprehensive workflow management available via FlowForce Server. The straightforward Web interface of FlowForce Server allows you to implement, manage, and monitor multi-step jobs with comprehensive access control provided through user, role, job, credential, and permission definitions.