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Use this page to download Version 2024 Release 2.

Altova MapForce Server 2024

Advanced Edition

with support for NoSQL databases as well as several high-performance optimizations, including multi-threading of execution of multiple different data mappings, optimization for execution of the MapForce join component, and processing mappings with node functions for the fastest throughput for high-performance server platforms. Note: must be installed on a machine with at least 2 CPU cores available.

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Altova MapForce Server 2024

Automates any-to-any data mapping and aggregation processes designed in Altova MapForce.

Start a FREE 30-day trial or activate with your purchased licenses

Altova LicenseServer

Provides license management for Altova server and desktop products. Note: the LicenseServer is included in the MapForce Server installation package for Windows; you only have to download it separately for Linux and MacOS X.

Free Download

VM Template for Azure

To aid those deploying Altova Server Software products in the cloud, a free Azure virtual machine template is available in the Azure Marketplace. This template installs the complete line of Altova server software products, including MapForce Server and the free LicenseServer, on the VM that you specify in the Azure cloud. Once you install the template, activate the desired products using the installed Altova LicenseServer to either request free, 30-day trial(s) or upload purchased licenses.

Previous Releases of MapForce Server

If you need to access previous software releases (e.g., to reinstall a previously purchased product after a hardware failure), you can access older versions of MapForce Server here:

Software Release

Free Trial Evaluation Information

To start your free, 30-day trial, simply download and install the server software you wish to evaluate, along with the free Altova LicenseServer.

Provided free-of-charge, the LicenseServer will allow you to request and manage free trial license(s). Upon request you will receive an email with your personalized evaluation license, which will unlock the software for 30 days.

All you need to do is install one instance of the Altova LicenseServer on your network and access it from any browser to request new evaluation licenses, upload purchased licenses, and assign them from one central web-based management console to any of the servers on your network.

Instructions for requesting a free server trial using Altova LicenseServer are available here.