Spell Checker Dictionaries

Altova XMLSpy, StyleVision, and Authentic include a comprehensive spell checker that provides support for numerous languages, as well as extended support for language peculiarities. This is the same highly acclaimed spell checker that is also used by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, OpenOffice, and MacOS X. The spell checker is also compatible with the OpenOffice dictionaries.

In its standard configuration the spell checker in Altova software ships with 12 built-in languages and corresponding licenses, as indicated in the table below.

The selection of built-in dictionaries that ship with Altova software does not constitute any language preferences by Altova, but is largely based on the availability of dictionaries that permit redistribution with commercial software, such as the MPL, LGPL, or BSD licenses. Many other open-source dictionaries exist, but are distributed under a more restrictive licenses, such as the GPL license. Many of these dictionaries are available as part of a separate installer located below. It is your choice as to whether you can agree to the terms of the license applicable to the dictionary and whether the dictionary is appropriate for your use with the software on your computer.

Download Additional Dictionaries

Additional dictionaries for separate languages (and many more variations) are available for downloading here. Please note: for successful installation, the dictionaries.exe installation must be done with Administrator rights.

Dutch DictionaryBSD and Creative Commons Attribution .
English (British) Dictionary LGPL .
English (New Zealand) Dictionary LGPL .
English (South Africa) Dictionary LGPL .
English (US) Dictionary LGPL / BSD .
French (Modern) Dictionary MPL / GPL / LGPL .
Portuguese (Brazilian) Dictionary LGPL .
Portuguese (Portugal) Dictionary MPL / GPL / LGPL .
Spanish (Spain) Dictionary MPL / GPL / LGPL .
Spanish (Spain and Latin America) Dictionary MPL / GPL / LGPL .
Swedish Dictionary MPL / GPL / LGPL .
Africaan DictionaryLGPL
Albanian DictionaryGPL
Arabic DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Armenian DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Assamese DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Asturian DictionaryGPL
Belarusian DictionaryCreative Commons Share-Alike
Bengali DictionaryGPL
Breton DictionaryLPGL
Bulgaria DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Cambodian DictionaryGPL
Catalan DictionaryLGPL / GPL
Coptic DictionaryGPL
Croatian DictionaryLGPL
Czech DictionaryGPL
English (Australian) DictionaryGPL
English (Canadian) DictionaryBSD and public domain
English (Chemistry) DictionaryCreative Commons Attribution
Esperanto DictionaryGPL
Estonia DictionaryLGPL
French (Classic) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Frisian DictionaryGPL
German (Austria) DictionaryGPL
German (Germany) DictionaryGPL
German (Switzerland) DictionaryGPL
Greek DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Gujarati DictionaryGPL
Haitian Creole DictionaryGPL
Hebrew DictionaryGPL
Hindi DictionaryGPL
Hungarian DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Icelandic DictionaryGPL
Indonesian DictionaryGPL
Interlingua DictionaryGPL
Irish DictionaryGPL
Italian DictionaryGPL
Kannada DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Kazakh DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Khmer DictionaryGPL
Kurdish DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Latin DictionaryGPL
Latvian DictionaryLGPL
Lithoanian DictionaryBSD
Lower Sorbian DictionaryGPL
Luxembourgish DictionaryEUPL
Macedonian DictionaryGPL
Maithili DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Malayalam DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Maltese DictionaryLGPL
Maori DictionaryGPL
Marathi DictionaryGPL
Mongolian DictionaryGPL
Nepali DictionaryLPGL
Nicaragua DictionaryLGPL
Norwegian DictionaryGPL
Occitan DictionaryGPL
Panjabi DictionaryGPL
Persian Dictionary GPL
Polish DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL , Creative Commons Share-Alike
Romanian DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Russian Dictionary GPL
Rusyn Dictionary GPL
Scottish Gaelic DictionaryGPL
Serbian Dictionary LGPL
Sinhala Dictionary GPL
Slovak DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Slovenian DictionaryLGPL
Sorbian Dictionary GPL
Spanish (Argentina) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL or LGPL
Spanish (Bolivia) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Spanish (Chili) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Spanish (Colombia) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Spanish (Costa Rica) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Spanish (Dominican Republic) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Spanish (Ecuador) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Spanish (El Salvador) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Spanish (Guatemala) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Spanish (Honduras) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Spanish (Mexico) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Spanish (Nicaragua) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Spanish (Panama) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Spanish (Paraguay) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Spanish (Peru) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Spanish (Puerto Rico) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Spanish (Uruguay) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Spanish (Venezuela) DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Swahili DictionaryLGPL
Tagalog DictionaryGPL
Tamil DictionaryGPL
Thai DictionaryLGPL
Ukrainian DictionaryMPL / GPL / LGPL
Urdu DictionaryLGPL
Valencian DictionaryLGPL
Vietnamese DictionaryGPL
Welsch Dictionary GPL
Yiddish Dictionary GPL