Consulting Partners

Altova Consulting Partners include systems integrators and professional services organizations that deliver customized services for application development, implementation, and integration. Consulting Partners use or recommend Altova products as part of a broader IT solution.

Altova recognizes that IT consulting organizations are leading the global adoption of XML, SQL and UML technologies to implement next generation industry computing solutions. The Altova Consulting Partner Program is designed to facilitate access to Altova technology and product news for IT consultants through increased communication efforts.

The Altova Consulting Partner program provides marketing support to increase awareness of your organization's consulting services through various co-marketing and referral activities that target the Altova developer community and leverage the power of the Altova brand name in the software development industry.

Opportunities for Altova Consulting Partners include, but are not limited to:

There are two levels of Altova Consulting partnerships: Member Level and Premier Level.

Member Level


  • Link on Altova Web site (partner directory)
  • Access to Altova Partner Portal
  • Altova Partner Newsletter
  • Use of Altova logos in accordance with guidelines
  • Partner-specific communications


  • Fully executed Agreement (General and Specific Terms)
  • Reporting of fulfillment of requirements

Premier Level


Benefits are the same as the Member Level plus:

  • One free user license for internal training, development, and demonstration purposes
  • Joint press release publicizing training events and partnership


Requirements are the same as the Member Level plus:

  • Two quotable customer references for use in joint marketing efforts
  • Use of XMLSpy-generated XML Schema and WSDL documentation

Apply Now!

We look forward to welcoming your organization as an Altova Consulting Partner.

The approval process proceeds as follows:

  1. Complete and submit the Altova Partner Program Application. A General Partner Agreement and a Specific Partner Agreement will be emailed back to you. Please contact if you don’t receive the documents within one business day.
  2. Sign both agreements and upload one single pdf file containing all agreement pages to the partner portal as requested. Please also send additional information detailed in the Specific Partner Agreement if required for your partnership to
  3. The completed agreement will be reviewed by Altova's partner management team. You will be notified of our decision within five business days and a fully executed copy of the agreement will be available for download.

There are no membership fees associated with the Altova Partner Program.

If you have any questions about the Altova Partner Programs, agreements, or your application please email us at