Altova MapForce

For Solution Providers & Consultants

Altova developer software provides solution providers with the tools they need to efficiently develop, customize, and deploy solutions for their clients, helping them deliver high-quality solutions for maximum profitability.

Deploy Data Integration Solutions with MapForce

An any-to-any data mapping tool, MapForce is powerful, no-code software for building data integration and ETL solutions.

In addition to being a trusted tool by developers worldwide, MapForce is available via Altova’s partner program for solution providers to use in their consulting or software development practices. This gives consultants an efficient path to design, develop, and deploy data integration and ETL solutions to clients.

Because MapForce is designed to be extremely affordable and scale according to the scope of each project, it allows solution provides to create a significant income stream without a huge investment.

MapForce allows solution providers to efficiently design, develop, and deploy data integration solutions for their clients, enabling them to address complex data challenges effectively while delivering value-added services and driving business growth.

Affordable, Low-code Tool for Fast ROI

With its low code, drag-and-drop approach to defining data transformation rules for even the most complex business processes, MapForce gives solution provides a leg up in solving client problems.

MapForce benefits for consultants and solution providers include:

Support for all prevalent data formats

MapForce supports most popular data formats, allowing solution provides to address a diverse spectrum of client needs without needing to purchase new, customized software for each project. In a single version, MapForce supports converting and transforming:

  • XML
  • JSON
  • PDF
  • Excel
  • CSV and text files
  • All major SQL databases
  • NoSQL databases
  • Numerous EDI message formats
  • Protobuf
  • Web services
  • XBRL

This wide range of supported formats allows for easy integration and compatibility with existing systems, technologies, and workflows.

Low-code approach to building complex solutions

MapForce provides an easy to learn, graphical interface for mapping data between one or more formats. This visual approach simplifies the data integration process and reduces development time while allowing your team to define complex data transformation – all without needing to write code.

Data mapping with MapForce

Affordable, high-performance automation

In addition to instant data conversion inside MapForce, high-performance automation of data integration and ETL projects is provided via MapForce Server software.

This has the added benefit of allowing you to resell MapForce Server as part of your solution offering to unlock an additional annual revenue stream for your business.

Expert-level support

Altova support engineers offer expertise, guidance, and support to solution providers at every step of the way. Known for their knowledge and responsiveness, our team has a commitment to partner success from development to implementation.

Though the software is easy to use, Altova also offers a library of MapForce demo videos and documentation that walk you through common procedures.

Altova Partner Program

In addition to highly effective developer tools and support resources, solution providers and consultants who take part in the Altova Partner Program have access to resources and support to promote their solutions and grow their business. This includes co-marketing opportunities, access to marketing materials and collateral, and visibility on the Altova website and partner directory.

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