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Altova developer software provides solution providers with the tools they need to efficiently develop, customize, and deploy solutions for their clients, helping them deliver high-quality solutions for maximum profitability.

XML and JSON Development with XMLSpy

Altova XMLSpy is a powerful XML and JSON editor and development environment.

This all-in-one tool simplifies the entire XML or JSON solution lifecycle. With unique, visual tools for schema and instance generation, editing, and conversion, as well as advanced support for related technologies, XMLSpy gives solution providers a one-stop solution for XML and JSON development.

XMLSpy solutions for consultants

Advanced Tools for Editing, Transforming, Converting, and Debugging

XMLSpy supports start to finish XML and JSON development with powerful tools for generating and converting documents as a starting point, as well as transforming and querying data. It includes tools for profiling, debugging, and optimizing code that you won’t find in other products.

It even has an integrated AI Assistant to give developers a head-start on development tasks.

Benefits of XMLSpy for consultants and solution providers include:

Comprehensive support for XML, JSON, and related technologies

XMLSpy is more than just an XML and JSON editor. With support for related tech like SOAP, XPath, XQuery, and XSLT, XMLSpy checks all the boxes. The IDE also includes tools for working with the standards that software engineers encounter on an increasing basis, including:

  • Countless industry standards
  • All relational databases
  • HTML and CSS
  • XBRL
  • Avro
  • Markdown
  • YAML
  • Java, C++, C# (code gen)
  • EPUB

Unique visual editing tools

XMLSpy includes intelligent text-based editors and validators for XML and JSON. It also pioneered graphical views for XSD and JSON Schema editing and generation that let developers focus on the semantics of their data model instead of complicated schema syntax.

For instance editing, XML Grid and JSON Grid editors provide a graphical representation of the document structure that is immediately easier to understand than the corresponding XML or JSON code in a text editor, especially for long, complex documents.

Integration with Altova tools

XMLSpy integrates seamlessly with other Altova products, including MapForce, StyleVision, and MobileTogether, giving solution developers the tools they need to create and sell comprehensive solutions that span data integration, business report creation, application development, and mobile app creation.

Expert-level support

Altova support engineers offer expertise, guidance, and support to solution providers at every step of the way. Known for their knowledge and responsiveness, our team has a commitment to partner success from development to implementation.

Though the software is easy to use, Altova also offers a library of XMLSpy demo videos and documentation that walk you through common procedures.

Altova Partner Program

In addition to highly effective developer tools and support resources, solution providers and consultants who take part in the Altova Partner Program have access to resources and support to promote their solutions and grow their business. This includes co-marketing opportunities, access to marketing materials and collateral, and visibility on the Altova website and partner directory.

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