Altova MobileTogether

For Solution Providers & Consultants

Altova developer software provides solution providers with the tools they need to efficiently develop, customize, and deploy solutions for their clients, helping them deliver high-quality solutions for maximum profitability.

Rapid Application Development with MobileTogether

Altova MobileTogether is a low-code, rapid application development platform that allows solution providers to create cross-platform applications for clients quickly and efficiently.

When your client needs an enterprise solution accessible on mobile and desktop devices, MobileTogether makes it easy to develop data-driven applications in record time.

MobileTogether enterprise solutions

Affordable Framework with Recurring Revenue Opportunities

The MobileTogether framework includes everything you need to build, deploy, and update custom-branded apps and enterprise solutions.

And the best thing is: the MobileTogether Designer software is entirely free to use. To deploy your solutions, you can resell the MobileTogether Server software that hosts your apps, and that starts at $1,000 per server CPU-core per year for an unlimited number of users and solutions, scaling affordably as needed.

MobileTogether benefits for consultants and solution providers include:

Cross-platform compatibility

MobileTogether lets you develop applications that run seamlessly on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and web browsers. This cross-platform capability reduces development time and ensures a consistent user experience across devices, yet still lets you take advantage of advanced device capabilities using conditional logic.

Visual design and development

With MobileTogether's low-code approach to app development, you can design and develop solutions visually, without the need for extensive coding. MobileTogether uses a combination of drag-and-drop UI design, the powerful Action Tree visual programming language for event handling, and standardized functional programming for data selection and processing.

Then, MobileTogether does the heavy lifting for you, generating an app for all mobile and desktop platforms based on your single design.

Integration with backend systems

MobileTogether provides built-in support for connecting to your clients’ backend systems, including databases, web services, and enterprise systems. This integration capability enables you to create applications that seamlessly access and manipulate data from multiple sources.

Advanced app server

MobileTogether Server runs the app server part of your solution's functionality and is available for both Linux and Windows installations as well as cloud deployments. The app server logic is jointly developed with the front-end programming logic using MobileTogether Designer.

This has the added benefit of allowing you to resell MobileTogether Server as part of your solution offering to unlock an additional annual revenue stream for your business.

Expert-level support

Altova support engineers offer expertise, guidance, and support to solution providers at every step of the way. Known for their knowledge and responsiveness, our team has a commitment to partner success from development to implementation.

Though the software is easy to use, Altova also offers a library of MobileTogether demo videos and documentation that walk you through common procedures.

Altova Partner Program

In addition to highly effective developer tools and support resources, solution providers and consultants who take part in the Altova Partner Program have access to resources and support to promote their solutions and grow their business. This includes co-marketing opportunities, access to marketing materials and collateral, and visibility on the Altova website and partner directory.

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