StyleVision Server

StyleVision Server renders XML and/or XBRL data into HTML, RTF, PDF, or Microsoft Word files
StyleVision Server
Altova StyleVision Server is based on the built-in report and document generation engine developed for StyleVision. StyleVision Server renders XML, SQL databases, and/or XBRL data into HTML, RTF, PDF, or Microsoft Word files based on StyleVision stylesheets and supporting design elements uploaded by StyleVision over a network connection. StyleVision Server can operate under the management of FlowForce Server, in a standalone configuration executed from a command line, or programmatically via an API.

After a StyleVision® 2017 .SPS stylesheet is designed and tested, it can be deployed on Altova FlowForce® Server and executed by StyleVision Server to automate business report and document generation.

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StyleVision and StyleVision Server

After an Altova StyleVision stylesheet is designed and tested, it can be processed by StyleVision Server to generate dynamic reports, documents, or eForms.

StyleVision includes stylesheets in PXF files for processing by StyleVision Server, and uploads them over a network to FlowForce Server for use in FlowForce Server jobs.

StyleVision combines stylesheets and all supporting design elements into .PXF files and deploys them

StyleVision PXF Files

The Portable XML Form (PXF) file format was developed by Altova to package SPS stylesheets with related files including the XML schema file, source XML file, image files used in the design, and XSLT files for transformation output formats. PXF files include all the elements required for document rendering by StyleVision Server in a single package.

API for Direct Execution

StyleVision Server supports an API that allows direct native execution by programs written in C# and VB.NET in Windows, from other Windows apps via a COM interface, and from Java programs in Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

This API allows developers to incorporate StyleVision Server functionality as a feature of their own applications. For example, StyleVision Server could produce reports from data created within a developer’s own program.

The documentation provided with the StyleVision Server API contains code examples for C#, C++, Java, VBScript, and Visual Basic to help developers quickly access StyleVision Server programmatically from .NET, Java, or COM-based code. Complete documentation is available at the Altova Documentation page.

Data Challenges and the MapForce Platform for Data Integration

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Cross-platform Support

  • Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, 8, 10 or newer
  • Linux (CentOS 6, RedHat 6, Debian 6, 8 & Ubuntu 12.04, 15 or newer)
  • Mac OS X10.8 or newer