Altova EDI Tools

Altova EDI Tools

Applications that integrate EDI data with other information formats allow organizations to leverage their investments in EDI technology while still exchanging data with partners that do not employ EDI systems. Unfortunately, these applications can be extremely complex, and developing them is often time consuming and expensive given the intricacies of each data format.

Altova MissionKit takes a unique approach to EDI integration, allowing you to easily define mappings between EDI vocabularies and other universal data formats using an intuitive, visual mapping process. Supported formats include:

  • ANSI X12, including HIPAA X12
  • HL7 (legacy and XML-based)

What is EDI?

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is set of widely-used formats that define a standard syntax for the computer-to-computer transmission of business documents. EDI systems are designed to allow trading partners to exchange common documents such as purchase orders, invoices, insurance claims, etc., more efficiently, eliminating much of the time, paper, human interaction, and errors previously associated with these types of transactions.

EDI systems have proven beneficial for allowing organizations across diverse industries to increase productivity and regulatory compliance by exchanging large amounts of information with partners in a quick, standardized way.

Despite these benefits, EDI systems are typically not interoperable with the other data formats that fuel today’s connected e-business and Web services applications. This makes data mapping and transformation an important component of any EDI implementation.

  • Any-to-any, graphical data mapping tool
  • Drag-and-drop EDI mapper
  • Mapping and conversion between EDI and XML, databases, Excel, flat files, Web services, and other EDI formats
  • Map to convert EDIFACT files to X12, or update HL7 v2.x messages to version 3
  • EDI input validation, message acknowledgement, and more
  • Automation via MapForce Server
  • Intelligent XML editor
  • Graphical XML Schema editor for viewing and analyzing HL7 v3.x messages
  • Smart Fix validation with auto-correction of HL7 validation errors
  • Royalty-free, schema-based code generation, and more
  • Tight integration with MapForce and other MissionKit tools for seamless workflow
Mapping EDI messages

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