Which FlowForce Server Edition Do I Need?

The table below shows the features included in
FlowForce Server and FlowForce Server Advanced Edition.

Advanced EditionFlowForce Server
High-performance workflow automation
Cross-platform compatibility
Windows, Windows Server
Linux: CentOS, Debian, Red Hat, Ubuntu
Automation of other Altova servers
Automates execution of RaptorXML/XBRL Server
Automates execution of MapForce Server
Automates execution of StyleVision Server
Deployment of MapForce mappings and StyleVision designs directly from MapForce and StyleVision
Job automation options
Automates execution of any command line program
Built in functions for file system operations, ftp, sending mail, etc.
Flow control with loops, conditions, result evaluation, & error handling
Built in expression language for calculating parameter values
Sophisticated result caching options
Job distribution across multiple servers
Customizable job trigger options
Time based triggers
File and directory watch triggers
Remote file triggers
Call any job as HTTP web service
Call any job as part of another job
Security options
Robust access control security options
Support for OAuth 2.0 authorization in Web services calls
Full support for AS2 for secure data transport
Support for Secure FTP (SFTP)
Logging and reporting
Comprehensive logging tools
Charts and statistics for performance monitoring
Flexible implementation options
Install on premises or in cloud