Additional Components and Add-ins

Altova products support the use of additional components, free tools, and third-party add-ins for working with MissionKit XML, SQL, and UML software. Components are available on the download page for each product, as linked below.

Integration Packages

Several Altova products support integration with Visual Studio and Eclipse, and each may be used as an ActiveX control. This functionality is provided through a free integration package, available on the product's download page:


Altova software provides comprehensive spell checking capabilities through built-in dictionaries. You may also download additional dictionaries to perform spell check operations in different languages.

MapForce Libraries

Download the XSLT Standard Library and additional EDI configuration files for use with MapForce.

XBRL Taxonomies

All XBRL-enabled Altova products ship with the most recent versions of the US-GAAP and IFRS taxonomies. Should you need to utilize additional taxonomies, including earlier versions, they are available in a convenient installer package. Note: if you are using multiple Altova products you only have to install this package once.