Download Authentic

Use this page to download the latest version of Authentic, which is Version 2021 Release 3.

Authentic is available as a Desktop application or a Browser Plug-in.

Select your software version, and click the Download button below to download the self- contained Installer for Altova Authentic 2021.

Altova Authentic Desktop 2021

Enterprise Edition

Advanced WYSIWYG content editor for XML and databases that allows users to view and edit data without being exposed to the underlying technology.

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Altova Authentic Browser Plugin 2021

Enterprise Edition

Authentic Browser is deployed on a server and can be easily accessed by any network user via URL.

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Additional Free Components

To complement your Authentic installation, you may wish to download the additional free components available below.

Authentic Integration Package

Install this free integration package to take advantage of Authentic integration with Visual Studio and Eclipse, or to use Authentic as an ActiveX control.

Spell Checker Dictionaries

Authentic ships with comprehensive spell-checking capabilities through built-in dictionaries. You can also download additional dictionaries.

Previous Releases of Authentic

If you need to access previous software releases (e.g., to reinstall a previously purchased product after a hardware failure), you can access older versions of Authentic here:

Software Release

Free Trial Evaluation Information

To start your free, 30-day trial of Authentic Enterprise Edition simply download and install the software. When you start desktop version of the software, you will be prompted to request a license, which you will receive via email. To request a trial of Authentic Browser Edition, please use this form.