UML Profile Diagrams

UModel Profile Diagram Features:

  • Toolbar for quick access to diagram elements
  • Right-click context menu activates
  • Define custom sterotypes, tag definitions, and more
  • Entry helpers and fast editing buttons
  • Customizable alignment grid
  • Elements can be assigned to diagram layers
  • Cascading styles for colors, fonts, line size, and more
  • Supports all 14 UML diagrams

UML Profile Diagrams

UModel delivers easy to use profile diagrams, which extend the UML model with custom stereotypes, tagged values, and constraints for platforms or domains.

UML Profile Diagram

Altova UModel lets you create profile diagrams to illustrate application of profiles containing source code language types and other constructs, as well as to define custom stereotypes for special applications. UModel includes language profiles for C#, Visual Basic, and Java languages. Language profiles are provided in generic and version-specific alternative variations.

Applying a language profile lets you immediately begin work in the source code platform and version you prefer. Additionally, UModel includes generic profiles for business process modeling, SysML, relational databases, and XML Schema to extend modeling functionality to support today's enterprise requirements.

The illustration above shows a UML profile diagram illustrating the application of a C# profile to the package that contains all the classes for an application under development.

The UModel profile diagram allows you to define custom stereotypes, tag definitions, and constraints in a dedicated UML diagram. Your customizations are defined in a profile, which is then applied to a package.


UModel supports all 14 UML diagrams, as well as a UML diagram for XML Schemas and another to model tables in relational databases, giving your team a powerful UML modeling tool at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions. To see a comprehensive list of all UML diagram types, see our UML diagrams page or click on the link below to download a 30-day trial of Altova UModel.