UML Deployment Diagrams

UModel Deployment Diagram Features:

  • Toolbar for deployment diagram elements
  • Entry helpers and fast editing buttons
  • Right-click context menu activates anywhere
  • Cascading styles for colors, fonts, line size, and more
  • Customizable alignment grid
  • Elements can be assigned to diagram layers
  • Unlimited undo/redo encourages exploring new ideas
  • Supports all 14 UML diagrams

UML Deployment Diagrams

UModel utilzes deployment diagrams, which represent the physical architecture of the system.

UML Deployment Diagram

Deployment diagrams provide a picture of the physical architecture of the hardware, software, and artifacts of the system. Deployment diagrams can be thought of as the opposite end of the spectrum from use cases, depicting the physical form of the system as opposed to conceptual pictures of users and devices interacting with the system.

The UModel deployment diagrams toolbar incorporates uniquely colored 3D boxes to represent each system node, execution environment, and device in the realized system. Like other UModel diagrams, packages, components, and deployment diagrams have quick editing buttons, entry helpers, and all the alignment options available from the layout toolbar. You can also add notes to any diagram to clarify your intent.

Deployment diagrams are an important element of system documentation that can assist in planning complex projects with artifacts, such as executable files, data files, XML documents, and configuration files, which will ultimately reside on separate hardware platforms. Clear and detailed deployment diagrams also allow larger teams to better understand the entire project architecture.


UModel supports all 14 UML diagrams, as well as a UML diagram for XML Schemas and another to model tables in relational databases, giving your team a powerful UML modeling tool at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions. To see a comprehensive list of all UML diagram types, see our UML diagrams page or click on the link below to download a 30-day trial of Altova UModel.