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XPath expressions are an integral part of XSLT, XQuery, and even XML Schema development. To compose valid XPath expressions, you must know exactly how your document is structured. In large, complex documents, writing and testing XPath expressions by hand can be a frustrating and error prone process. Developers need a way to create effective XPath expressions quickly and easily.

Altova MissionKit offers comprehensive support for XPath 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 with intelligent tools for generating, testing, and troubleshooting XPath expressions.

What is XPath?

XPath (XML Path Language) is syntax for selecting the elements and attributes of an XML document by navigating its tree-like structure. Developers use XPath expressions to select XML nodes or node-sets based on a variety of criteria.

There are three versions of XPath currently in use: 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. The most recent versions of XPath are the result of the combined efforts of the W3C XSL and XQuery Working Groups, and, in fact, XQuery is an extension of XPath. XPath is used with both XSLT and XQuery: XSLT continues to be the primary choice for transforming XML data, while XQuery designed for querying XML documents. Though both XQuery and XSLT use XPath as a path language, the XQuery extensions to XPath 2.0/3.0 are not of practical relevance to XSLT developers.

  • World's leading XML editor with comprehensive XPath support
  • XPath 1.0, XPath 2.0, and XPath 3.0 editor
  • Intelligent XPath autocompletion
  • Multi-tabbed XPath Analyzer window
  • Nine tabs for storing, testing, and re-evaluating XPaths
  • Real-time, as-you-type XPath evaluation
  • Hotlinks to resulting nodes in XPath Analyzer
  • XPath syntax coloring immediately highlights errors
  • Evaluating XPath expressions across multiple files
  • "Copy XPath" command
  • Debugging of XSLT, XQuery, and SOAP using XPath parameters
  • Graphical XSLT stylesheet and report design tool
  • Autogeneration of XSLT with XPath 1.0 or 2.0
  • Built-in XPath Builder and XPath Evaluator
  • Support for conditional templates, extension templates, and template filtering using XPath expressions
  • Support for auto-calculations and business logic validation via XPath
  • Support for user-defined reusable XPath expressions

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Learn about XPath in Altova's free, online XPath 3.0 Technology course, as well as our Gentle Intro to XPath.

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