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Altova Reseller Partners generate revenue by selling Altova products as part of their own product catalog offerings or as technology embedded within their own software applications.

Profit from our success by reselling Altova products to your customers! Altova openly embraces a channel-friendly policy to ensure that our customers can choose the purchasing and payment options that are most convenient for their business. Below are the top reasons to join the Altova Reseller Partner Program today:



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We look forward to welcoming your organization as an Altova Reseller Partner.

The approval process proceeds as follows:

  1. Complete and submit the Altova Partner Program Application. A General Partner Agreement and a Specific Partner Agreement will be emailed back to you. Please contact if you don’t receive the documents within one business day.
  2. Sign both agreements and upload one single pdf file containing all agreement pages to the partner portal as requested. Please also send additional information detailed in the Specific Partner Agreement if required for your partnership to
  3. The completed agreement will be reviewed by Altova's partner management team. You will be notified of our decision within five business days and a fully executed copy of the agreement will be available for download.

There are no membership fees associated with the Altova Partner Program.

Merit-based partnership levels

There are no membership fees associated with the Altova Partner Program. Altova Reseller partnership levels are merit-based. All partners join at Member Level, but through successful sales results will be able to advance to Premier Level or Elite Level and will be offered a higher discount based on their cumulative purchases from previous four quarters on a rolling basis to maintain their level during the program term.

Reseller numbers are reviewed quarterly and membership levels are adjusted according to performance.
If you have any questions about the Altova Partner Programs, agreements, or your application please email us at