Download Authentic

Authentic® 2017 is a powerful and dynamic XML content authoring tool and document editor for business users. Authentic is available as a Desktop application or a Browser Plug-in.

You may download Authentic Desktop Enterprise below. For the plug-in, visit: Authentic Browser Plug-in.


Authentic Desktop Enterprise Edition includes support for WYSIWYG XML and database content editing for business users, plus advanced support for scripting, XML Signature, absolute positioning, and more.

Click the Download button above to download the self-contained Installer for Authentic® 2017 Desktop Enterprise Edition.

If you have difficulty downloading the above Windows Setup application (EXE) from your location behind a corporate firewall, download the Authentic Desktop Enterprise Edition ZIP archive.

Free Trial and Keycode Information

Authentic Enterprise Edition

To activate Authentic Desktop for your use, you will need a keycode to unlock the application.

If you are a new customer, you can simply download the latest software version from this page, and request a free 30-day evaluation keycode from within the application.

Once you purchase a software license, you will receive a production keycode that activates the software with no time-limit. In addition, if you purchase your software with Support and Maintenance, your keycode will also unlock future software releases during your active support period.

Integration Packages

Authentic Desktop Enterprise Edition supports integration with Visual Studio and Eclipse using a free integration package that you may download here.

Deployment Support

To ease deployment of Authentic Browser Plug-in we offer an ASP.NET Server Control and CMS 2002 Placeholder Control that you may download here .